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TEE performing on stage at the Youth Music Awards


Project: LIMF Academy, North West

Listening and storytelling forms the core of TEE’s music. Not solely in a musical sense, his work is centred on communication and dialogue, the process of problem solving and striving to understand the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of those around him. Tee explains of his music. “As a society we’re better at it. But there’s not enough conversations about real shit.”

TEE won the Lyricist Award sponsored by Spotify, and the Live Performance Award sponsored by Allianz Music Insurance for his song 'Black Wings' at the Youth Music Awards 2021 in association with Hal Leonard Europe.

Black Wings

Filmed by Tell Studio

Crown of Thorns ft Lauren Iyra & Little Grace

  • Written by TEE (@anartistcalledtee) & Little Grace (@littlegrace)
  • Produced by TEE (@anartistcalledtee)
  • Mixed by: Joe Hirst (@Joe_hirst) Mastered by: Mike Cave (@mixedbymikecave)
  • Directed by: Rebecca Oliver (@ollie_606) & Nikki Dyer (@nikkidyer16) Creative

A Dozen Roses / A Love Story

TEE’s commitment to impassioned storytelling is the anchor point of his debut EP, A Dozen Roses // A Love Story. Across seven varied tracks, spoken-word interludes and soundscapes, the EP tackles fatherhood, vulnerability, mental health and love within its umbrella concept of emotional acceptance and expectation.