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Sarah Angel

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Close up image of Sarah Angel. She has afro hair with a snake wrapped around their face
Credit: Katherine Elizabeth

Sarah Angel

Project: Brighter Sound, Manchester

Bolton born singer-songwriter and model Sarah Angel has been flaunting her experimental soul sound over the past two years, in her hometown and beyond.

Delving from RnB, Soul to Alternative house-funk, Miss Angel's inspirations range from the likes of Prince, Jill Scott, David Bowie, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Ru Paul, Erykah Badu and so many more, in her own words - ‘I want to create alternate universes with both my fashion and music in which people can delve into and loose themselves

Sarah’s versatility and creative passion has led her into the creation of her style blog, fashion films, and subsequent music videos, working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in artistic and co-direction.

She has released 8 music videos, 17 singles, and 13 fashion films to date. Solidifying her spot as one of the most consistent and innovative artists coming out of Manchester with music featured on Kyra TV, BBC three and ITV.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Official Lyric video by Sarah Angel

Work Honey

Song produced by: Angelo Bombay
Directed by: Didzis Starastins
Edited by: Sarah Angel
BTS photography and videography by: Sarah Etasse

You Do You

Directed by: Sophie Barrott
Styled by: Sarah Angel and Heather Rothera
Jewellery by: Ice Rocks

If I Can Breathe

I response to the #blacklivesmatter movement, Sarah releases her emotive new single ' If I Can Breathe'.

Produced by: Aidan Smith


Produced by: Karuna
Directed, Edited and Styled by: Sarah Angel
Graphics by: Solo Shariff-Hickey
Cape designed by: Sarah Angel
Makeup artistry by: Lucy Gabrielides
Jewellery by: Ice Rocks

Deliciously Mango

Produced by: Superlative
Directed by: theApeNinja