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T Roadz

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Young person wearing a yellow hoodie and black durag.
Credit: Amos Mukombero

T Roadz

Project: The Pump, Birmingham

Born and bred Birmingham rapper T.Roadz, is a rising star at the age of just 15. T.Roadz already has an impressive list of achievements under his belt that some artists could only dream of. He has featured in the Legendary Risky Road Secret Cypher, headlined the Big Music Project at the Ministry of Sound Club & featured in the Levi's music project documentary alongside Mist, also performing on his sell out diamond in the dirt homecoming gig at the o2 Academy.

He sites people like Dapz On The Maps, Wiley, Ghetts, Lady Leshurr & Ocean Wisdom as some of his many influencers & muses. But he is trying to create his own special style a fusion of Grime & Rap that will help him carve out a niche and “Achieve Greatness”.

In 2019, T.Roadz also won Youth Music’s Outstanding Act Award sponsored by Trinity College London.

Grime MC

Written by: T.Roadz
Produced by: Prince Rapid


Jump On The Riddim

Written by: T.Roadz
Produced by: Star.One


Visuals by: AdotWiz
Produced by: NOBODYS CHILD