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Youth Music campaigns with and alongside young people on the issues that matter most to them.

  • We work to influence policy so that inclusive, relevant, long-term music education is standard practice.
  • We work to ensure that the music education workforce is skilled, valued and fairly paid.
  • We work to form links between music education and the music industry, and ensure young people are supported to take their next steps, whatever they might choose to do.
  • We work to break down barriers in the music industries, to ensure that the sound of the next generation is more diverse, more relevant, more equitable and more creative.
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Sound of the Next Generation

In 2024, Youth Music surveyed 2,100 children and young people to better understand their relationship with music. We asked how they were accessing it, how it made them feel, and what impact it had on their everyday lives. We then hosted interviews with young people, parents and industry experts to help us interpret the findings. This report outlines our findings and recommendations. It describes the role young people’s background, education and talent play in shaping their relationship with music and explores whether – like generations before them – the nation’s love of music persists.

A Blueprint for the Future

Our new report found thousands of young people pursuing a career in the music industry are being driven out of the sector they love, or forced to go it alone. A Blueprint for the Future sets out a positive vision for change that’s centred on the power of supporting and cultivating young creatives across the music industry. 

four musicians singing into microphones
Photo from Brighter Sound, Manchester by Dave McNabb

Music Shaped Me

Music has the power to shape our lives. Read how projects have helped gang leaders become music leaders, provided others with the support to tackle mental health, and giving them all the opportunity to develop musically, personally and socially.