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A Blueprint for the Future

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A new generation ready to transform the music industries

This report features the voices of 1,300 young people with plans to begin careers in the music industry. It showcases how, despite the overwhelming tenacity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit in young people, current routes for them to move from education to employment are not fit for purpose.

With barriers often intersecting and issues magnified by the coronavirus lockdown, the report warns that thousands of young people are currently being driven out of the sector they love, or forced to go it alone outside the system.

A Blueprint for the Future sets out a positive vision for change that’s centred on the power of supporting and cultivating young creatives across the music industry.

Future Bubblers. Photo by Adama Jalloh

Transforming the industries

Artists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking music businesses share experiences, advice and ideas about what needs to change and how to do it.

Online panel of industry professionals discuss the report

We were thrilled to have Jamz Supernova, Alexandra Ampofo, Jemma Tanswell, Pippo Khalwa and Sarah Angel join our CEO Matt Griffiths to discuss the report and get their views on what we can all do next. 

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Jamz Supernova

DJ and BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter

“One of the things we don’t talk about enough across many industries is class and the lack of representation and accessibility. We’re at an incredible time where real lasting change is on the horizon. Now is the time for the gatekeepers in the music industry to really act on what more they could be doing!

"Open more doors from grassroot positions right up to CEOs, invest time and capital in the next generation. Music is made for everyone so let’s make the industry a viable option for anyone."

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Alexandra Ampofo

Founder of Women Connect and Acoustic Live, Promoter at Metropolis Music

"There are so many ways the music industry needs to change, from the representation of Black and Ethnic Minority groups, to transparency regarding how musicians actually get paid. I've seen so much talent cross my path and disappear due to a lack of education, resources and tangible opportunities.

"The inequalities of the industry have been highlighted, it's now up to us to work towards an equitable space for everyone. Additional support for the next generation of music industry professionals and musicians, as part of the reform of the industry, should be paramount."

Incubator Fund

Our new £2 million fund is designed to help music industry organisations to harness the skills and creativity of diverse young talent.

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Blouhaus Photography

Matt Griffiths

CEO, Youth Music

“For more than two decades, Youth Music has invested in music education projects nationwide supporting the next generation of young musicians. But time and time again, we’ve witnessed a stifling of young talent as career aspirations are cut short by unnecessary barriers and discrimination.

“Music has always been a force for inclusion and revolution, helping us imagine a better future. We know there’s a deep desire for transformation across the grassroots of the music industries. By working together, individually and collectively, we can create the change that’s being loudly called for.”

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Laura Chow

Head of Charities, People's Postcode Lottery

"At People’s Postcode Lottery it is so important to see courageous organisations like Youth Music receiving funding to enable them to tackle the lack of diversity in the music industry through their Incubator Fund.

"Right now our creative industries are facing financial challenges and for our players, it is an exciting opportunity to support young musicians and artists."