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Music Shaped Me

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Music has the power to change lives. At a time when young people across the UK are facing big challenges, from mental health issues to social inequality, music-making gives young people the confidence and community to make real change.

#MusicShapedMe will share inspiring stories from the young people Youth Music supports. We’ll be hearing directly from them on how music has transformed their lives. Finding out how projects have helped gang leaders become music leaders, provided others with the support to tackle mental health, while giving them all the opportunity to develop musically, personally and socially.

Our recent Exchanging Notes report showed the impact that giving young people access to creative musical opportunities can have. Through #MusicShapedMe, young people share the powerful impact music has had for them.

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Singer Kye took part in a project at The Albany in Deptford, says he enjoys exploring different genres as part of his creative journey. "I would actually like to dive into...different types of music to kind of expand on me as a creative person."

Kizz says Music Fusion transformed his life and helped him tackle personal challenges. Now he’s determined to help others do the same.

Samantha, who took part in a project at The Albany in Deptford, says music has given her an identity and the freedom to be herself. "Music has literally changed my life."

ubacana gives Abz a space where she can leave her cares behind. She tells us about her carnival journey from first picking up a drum stick to having the confidence to perform in front of Manchester's general public.

Freya believes in the life-transforming power of music making and has seen it first-hand as a young music leader with Jubacana in Oldham. She helps young people access their inner creativity, confidence and carnival spirit!

Nelson from The Albany, Deptford, met pop star Will Young for some one-on-one stage advice. Hear Nelson's thoughts on why opportunities like these are helpful for young artists.

Iggy explains how Music Fusion in Havant is more than a music project - it's his "home feeling".

Music Fusion helped Courtney to use her rhymes to explore the issues young people face.

13-year-old rapper KD says Music Fusion helps keep him on the right path - both on and off the stage.

Please note: this video contains some swearing.

Amira says that at Music Fusion, she's found a "music family" who keep her away from trouble.