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The young musicians’ stories


Chi, 21, is a beatmaker and music producer from Oxford. The Beat Route project, run by the Ark T Centre, has helped him learn new skills and work out a direction for his future.


Kallum, 24, is a rapper from Cambridge who’s been taking part in music-making projects run by Romsey Mill since he was 14. He’s now taking on additional responsibilities as a music leader – helping younger participants write, record and produce their own material.


Fabrice, 18, experienced some serious mental health problems which led to him spending several months in hospital last year. Making music with the Singing for Health project gave him some of his happiest memories from a difficult time.


Filip, 14, is a jazz drummer who takes part in the East by North East project run by GemArts in Newcastle. The project provides music-making opportunities for young people across the city, including many like Filip who are from Eastern European families that have settled in Newcastle.


Hannah, 19, is a mum to 11-month-old Lilly. The ‘Music Makes Me Happy’ project for young parents with babies or toddlers, run by WILD Young Parents Project, has helped her bond with her daughter and find a supportive group of friends.


18-year-old Leah is a rapper living in Corby who took part in CONCEPT, a project run by Pedestrian. She’s taking as many opportunities as possible to progress in her music-making.


Taz is a 17-year-old rapper from Cambridge. Local youth charity Romsey Mill have helped her develop as an artist alongside her college studies in psychology, sociology and criminology.