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Find links to organisations and resources that can help you get started with a career in the music industry.

DIY: Freelancing Tips & Advice

Starting a creative career on your own can be quite daunting. These resources below will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to setting up as a freelancer, self promotion, and being your own hype-man!

Funding & Financial Support

We know that in order to get your idea off the ground, you need funding. We have just launched a new fund for 18-25s who are trying to fund their own projects, who do not have the financial means to do so. Here are a few other funders you can check out.

Need tips on writing your application? Check out these two articles below:

Access & Mental Health Support

Pursuing a career in music comes with it's challenges, but some of us have additional barriers to getting into music. Whether you're someone who needs additional support, or you want to ensure your work is inclusive, the below resources may be of help.

Access Fund

If you identify as Disabled and need further support to make an application to Youth Music, you can apply to our Access Fund. This provides funding to cover any additional access costs required for you to make an application to Youth Music's Incubator Fund.

Image of a person DJ-ing. The image is a close up of their hand and the production equipment.
Image: You Press, London.

Looking for Creative Opportunities?

Finding a career in music can be hard for even the most savvy person. Here are a few job boards we recommend checking out (including our opportunities board!)

Youth Music also send out a fortnightly newsletter which share freelance opportunities with us, plus creative opportunities for young people across the country. Sign Up Here.

How To Get Started In Music Production Today

"I wasn’t convinced you could realistically hold a job ‘in music’ without luck and pure talent. But there are so many wonderful jobs out there, and I’m so glad I pursued this as a career." Written by Luke Davis as part of Commission Mission.

Marketing, Branding & PR

So you've created all this amazing work and now you need to share it with the world? Here are some useful tips on how to get your name out there.

Image of musician Little Simz performing at live on stage with a band.
Image: Roundhouse Rising Festival. Photo by Ollie Millington

Do you write about music?

Working in journalism can be very competitive, as is working in the music industry. Combine the two, and what do you do to stand out?

Where do I find other young creatives?

Anyone who has ever offered advice about working in the industry will tell you one of the most important things you can do, is network, network, and network! Not all of us were blessed with music industry connections, but there are a ton of young creatives out there, you just need to find them. But where?

The Higher Frequency

Produced and presented by the next generation of creators across the UK, Youth Music’s original podcast, The Higher Frequency, delves into the social and political issues behind the music you love. This six-part series features special guests GIRLI, Zoka the Author, [K S R], Lavs, Estee Blu, Nadia Khan, VITAL and more.