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Top tips for staying creative and productive under lockdown

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A day in the life of a freelance content producer

Coronavirus edition

Freelance visual content producer Amos Mukomebero (WalkWithAmos) shares a day in his life under lockdown, how coronavirus has changed his life and affected his work (the good and the bad!), and his top tips for staying creative and productive.

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Daily Routine and productivity hacks

"As a creative you and I both know that keeping a structure is very hard. I’ve always been terrible at getting into a routine and I feel like this lockdown been a blessing in disguise for that."

Exercising, reading, meditation - Amos says structure is key to having a good day in lockdown. But keep it flexible! 

Small progress is better than no progress

"Every night I write at least 3 things I like to get done the following day." Even if he achieves one of those that's better than nothing.

Another thing Amos suggests is to switch your phone off or delete apps. It can really help him to stay focused when he's working on a project, "it just eliminated the temptation."

It’s good to be productive but balance is key.

Don’t force it. If you’re not feeling productive just let it be. Amos tends to find that if he tries to force creativity he's never impressed with the results.

Do what works for you.

Amos says, "There is no perfect routine. Find a routine that works for you and keeps you as productive as possible."

Coronavirus impact - the good and bad 

"My industry revolves around face to face interactions so obviously that is cancelled."

However, on the plus side Amos has been using this extra time in lockdown to brush up on his skills. 

"I’ve been able to spend that time where I would’ve been working improving my skills, becoming more efficient, more literate on premiere pro and light room.

"Things I used to put off because I didn’t have the time, now I’ve got the time I’ve been using it to do those things I used to put off."

Time is our most valuable asset

Indulge in new things! Amos reminds us that this much free time probably won't come around again soon. 

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