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Freelance Event Producer shares how Coronavirus has affected her

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We asked Clara, a part of Youth Music Next Gen, to share how the UK-wide lockdown has affected her work.

Imagine isolation with no music, no tv, no film. It would be dead.

Clara is a freelance event producer and venue manager in Bristol. Her work has completely stopped since the lockdown began, and all her future events have been cancelled.

I’ve been working in the industry for four years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

"I’m seeing people that have worked so hard for years that have lost everything in the space of's sad man. People are struggling."

But Clara wanted to share the things that you can do to support.

"If you're lucky enough to still have an income, go support [your favourite artists, brands and venues]." 

Even if you can't afford to buy merchandise, there are still ways you can engage with your favourite artists.

"See what they’ve been up to, what they've been making."

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“I think that’s definitely my favourite part of all this. The music that’s come out of it. I mean it’s only been a couple of weeks and everyone’s smashing it.”

I know that the music’s only going to get better and better as isolation goes on.

Just like comment and share on their stuff. It helps them open up their platform to a whole different audience and new people. And it takes two seconds.

“I think we’ve just all gotta remember to look after each other, look out for one another, and keep supporting the arts."

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