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Shaping a Vision: How Noods Radio Launched Their Own Record Label

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Bristol-based independent radio station, Noods, worked with two young people to launch in-house record label imprint, Dummy Hand.

Led by Leon and Jack, two young creatives from Bristol, Noods Radio has made a name for itself as "a community of misfits, dancers, collectors, and selectors dedicated to discovering and sharing music."

Over the past five years, Noods Radio has built up a family of over 300 DJ residents, covering genres galore - from electronica and ambient to jungle, dubstep, soul and more.

With support from the Youth Music Incubator Fund, Noods employed two interns, Josh and Mica. Together, they launched Dummy Hand, Noods' record label imprint.

At Youth Music, we know that providing young people with industry knowledge and connections is key to equalising access to the music industries. Our evidence shows that by incubating a more diverse pool of young talent, businesses can create systematic, sustainable change.

“At every stage of Dummy Hand's inception, Josh and Mica were an integral part of the creative process,” Leon told us. “Together, we collaborated on defining the label's sound, crafting its name, curating a roster of talented artists, and establishing a visual identity. Their contributions were integral to shaping the label's overall vision.”

In April 2022, Dummy Hand shared their inaugural release, ‘Transient Communications', a spaced-out, groovy electronic record by Vancouver-based dj_2buttons, a Noods Radio resident alumnus. In November, Dummy Hand followed up with a ‘Remixes’ record of ‘Transient Communications’, featuring new iterations from five young DJs. This year, the label plans to release two more records.

“One of my most rewarding experiences has been witnessing the growth and development of our two young interns. It has been inspiring to watch them grow, hone their skills, and start their own projects which have become integral parts of the local community,” Leon said.

“Favourite moment though? Probably our launch party to celebrate our first release. The event was a culmination of our collective efforts across the project and was a night to remember.”

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Thanks to support from the Youth Music Incubator Fund, Noods Radio was able to progress as a business and diversify their offering, which in turn created more progression routes for young people in the music industries.

Both Josh and Mica have continued to work within the music industry since interning at Noods Radio, both launching their own independent projects.

“This was one of the first pots of funding we ever received and instilled us with the confidence to pursue our goals and apply for further funding,” Leon revealed. “The experience we gained from this project proved to be instrumental in shaping our mission and was a pivotal moment that led us to establish our organisation, Noods Levels CIC, to further support young people.”


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