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Transforming the industries

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Artists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking music businesses share experiences, advice and ideas about what needs to change and how to do it.

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Imogen Storey - Esche Haus Audio, Blackburn

"It's been a struggle to get people to take us seriously because of our age. When people think about studio engineers they generally think of older gentlemen, and you can almost see the apprehension in people’s eyes."

Holly Hollister - Selextorhood, Birmingham

"Young people are fed-up with the world we’ve been brought into, we no longer stand for the same things generations before us have - in fact we’re actively changing them."

Jamal Guthrie - Route, London

"You're expected to hit the ground running with very little experience, and because of the fast-paced nature of the industry it can be difficult to ask questions."

Becky Ayres - Sound City, Liverpool

"There is a lack of information available in schools and the HE education system about how massive the UK music industry is, and the diversity of job roles within it."

Steve Mayall - Music Ally, London

"The programme isn't just about the young people learning from us. We expect to learn a lot from them, and their experiences of engaging with the music industry."

Kirsten Cree - MAP Charity, Leeds

"Don't make any assumptions. Shape your programme around young people's needs and do it by listening to them and responding to their ideas."