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Access Fund

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Youth Music is committed to offering a clear and accessible grant making process that is open to everyone.

We use an online application system. This system does not currently meet Web Accessibility Guidelines. We know that the system may be inaccessible to some people. It is not optimised for use with accessible technologies such as screen readers.

You can download sample application forms as either a PDF or Word document to review in advance. Click here to view sample application forms.

We are aware that our application system may make it difficult for some users to access our funding. We are working hard to remove barriers to make our application processes more accessible.

If you have difficulty making an application, please contact us to discuss how we can help. You can call the team on 020 7902 1060, or email us on

Access Fund to support Disabled applicants

If you identify as Disabled and need further support to make an application to Youth Music, you can apply to our Access Fund.

This provides funding to cover any additional access costs that might be required for you to make an application to one of Youth Music’s main grant funds. 

This guidance can also be downloaded as a PDF or Word document.

Maximum funding levels

You can ask for up to:

  • £900 for a Fund A, Incubator Fund or Music Education Hubs Development Fund application
  • £1,500 for a Fund B application (up to £300 will be paid ahead of the Expression of Interest stage; the remaining funds will be paid if you are invited to submit a full application)

How to access funding

There are three ways you can make an application for access funds. Pick whichever option best suits you.

As part of the application we ask you to send us a copy of a recent bank statement, no more than three months old. If your application is approved we will pay the funds directly into this account.

Option A

Complete a short application form and attach a recent current account statement.

Option B

Download the questions in Word or PDF format, and email your answers to

Please remember to attach a copy of a recent current account statement.

Option C

Download the questions in Word or PDF format, record your answers as a video or voice note and then email the file to

Please remember to attach a copy of your organisation’s most recent current account statement.

What happens next?

We will get back to you with a decision within five working days of receiving your application. We will aim to get the payment into your bank account within two weeks of approving your application (although we recommend that you allow for three weeks in your planning).

Contact us

If you need further support, or if you have any questions, please contact the Grants and Learning Team by emailing or calling 020 7902 1060.