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Youth Music Awards 2023 Winners: FORM

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Get to know the trailblazing winners across the 12 categories at the Youth Music Awards 2023 in association with Hal Leonard Europe.

FORM pose on the red carpet with their award
Simran Johal (L), Tiffany Holland (M) and Emily Makis (R) / Credit: Connie Burke


Offshoots East Midlands C.I.C, East Midland

FORM won the Original Track Award (Group) sponsored by Marshall Amplification.

FORM attended the first Circle of Light Youth Music funded project thinking they were "going to be backing singers" to a group of male rappers who had also enrolled on the project. This soon changed as each member of FORM recognised they had a talent, something to offer and voices that needed to be heard.

They locked themselves in a room, put a notice on the door saying strictly ‘NO MEN ALLOWED’ and at the end of the day presented this track to the group. This track won the Young Creative Awards 2020 and FORM have since gone onto be an inspiration to other young women, fighting the fight in male-dominated industry. 

FORM accept their award on stage
Credit: Nic Serpell-Rand

Congratulations, how do you guys feel?

1st member: Confident.

2nd member: I’m feeling good, I’m glad to have shared the stage with you guys, other strong, talented ladies.

And what would you say this award means to all three of you?

2nd member: It means a lot, we wrote this song about 4/5 years ago, we didn’t really expect it, we were little babies then. For me it was the first project doing music with other people, collaboration, and so to collaborate with these ladies it was just really nice.

How did you guys “form”?

All: Eyyyyy, haha!

3rd member: So we formed cos we were all part of a project...And we basically got put together on the second day and we all kinda brought different elements to the track so I would produce it…and people doing the lyrics and singing and stuff and we just formed from there.

What would you say is the importance of Youth Music and being part of events like this?

1st member: I said it on stage, just having a safe space to explore in a way that you couldn’t with a room full of people that you can’t really connect with and you’re free to express yourself.

2nd member: Not everyone can create music at home…there’s not really the space for everyone to do so, and so having this here is just amazing for people who can’t access that stuff.


Connect with FORM:

Emily Makis



Tiffany Jade Holland


Simran Johal


Poppy Scoffings


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