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Youth Music Awards 2019 - Original Track Award sponsored by TikTok

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For outstanding composition and recording in an original track from a Youth Music project.

These tracks reflect the diverse range of original music being produced with the support of Youth Music projects nationwide, and showcase a group of young voices on the rise.

The public voted for their favourite, and the winner was announced at the Youth Music Awards on Wednesday 16 October.

Four young men and two older men in front of logos board
Award winners VCR with Farhad Zand (L) and Toyin Mustapha (R) from TikTok. Photo by Blouhaus Photography.

Circles by VCR (winner)

Urban Vocal Group (Portsmouth)

VCR are an alternative Indie band based in Portsmouth. Their nominator says, “Over the past 6 months, the guys have been working hard, supported by UVG director Charlie Fletcher to develop their sound combining Josh’s powerful vocal/singer-songwriter influences with Sam’s metal-tinged guitar riffs.”

Bell's Gone For The Bell by Matthew Nealis (shortlisted)

DaDaFest, DaDaFest Artist Development programme (Liverpool) / Drake Music

Matthew is a 21-year-old songwriter from Liverpool who writes, arranges and performs brilliant pop songs. His debut album, In The World, gives a rare glimpse into the mind of an exceptional talent, and a voice to an often underrepresented section of society. In turns tender, exciting, humorous, revealing, confident, and romantic, topics including college, song writing, rock 'n' roll, young people's rights, family and love.

Soulless by Credo x SIBBY (shortlisted)

Positive Youth Foundation (Coventry)

“19-year-old Credo Kampeta was always musically inclined but started taking music seriously at age 16. He taught himself to produce and with his home studio, made music with his skills as a vocalist, guitarist and pianist. For him, music is as necessary as breathing.”

“My name is Sibby, I’ve been writing and performing since I was 15. I’m 21 now, still pushing on, so three things are clear: I love music, God is good and failure is not an option.”

Rollin Out by Ls'z

Soundhouse Project (London)

Over the last year Ls'z has performed at 5 gigs and as a result of her energy on stage, natural charisma and brilliant lyricism she has captivated audiences and gained the attention of top music producers. She has also gone on to perform for grime pioneers Tim and Barry TV in their The Lift series, as well as collaborate with the Extreme Sync Agency on paid original work.

Pressure by Brookemorgan Henry-Rennie

Roundhouse - Rising Sounds (London)

“Pressure was the second song I ever wrote. The original recordings and melodies were VERY different to the end result that I ended up recording at The Roundhouse. Their awesome team paired me with an AMAZING producer/artist FEMME who's known for producing electronic/dance/house music. We started working on rearranging the structure of the song, then we moved onto the beat picking out tiny elements and sounds we wanted to incorporate in our new beat. This was an amazing journey that I learnt a lot on.”

Brighter Days by Nelson Navarro

AudioActive - Sessions (Brighton)

Please Don't Go by Kelsey Shaw

Offshoots CIC - Circle of Light Project (Nottingham)

Kelsey's nominator says, “Please Don't Go is about the struggles of Kelsey's mental health and how her parents have helped her through those struggles. It was created through the Circle of Light project who encouraged creators to share experiences of their mental health issues."

NHS by Wanya

Romsey Mill, A Different Beat (Cambridge)

Wanya's nominator says, “Wanya is a young person with a good understanding and a passion for politics. He is very focused on what he believes in. This song he has composed, talks about politics over a drill beat, something that is uncommon - making this a very original track.”

Tell Me What It's Gonna Be by Hot Rubber

MEL Productions CIC, Music Advice and Guidance to Young People (London)

Their nominator says, “The band got the opportunity to write, arrange and produce their song on a professional level with the support and help from the music leaders. They are looking forward to releasing their EP and are planning on doing a music video to help with promoting this track. At present they are volunteering their services to help support other young people facing similar circumstances, becoming a role models within their community.”

Knife to Throat by IRIDIS

mac Birmingham/Quench Arts - Mac Makes Music (Birmingham)

IRIDIS says: “This song is all about being trapped inside your own chaotic mind with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company and feeling disconnected from your body and feelings. The title Knife to Throat is purely a metaphor."

Don't Go by Aspire in Arts Beats Bars and Banter Youth Group

Aspire in Arts – Beats Bars and Banter (Rugby)

Their nominator says, “This song was written as a group song writing session within a workshop with local MC Skattaand other local producers. The young people wanted to write a song about the consequences of being involved in knife crime and then performed on the track as a group and with support of the producers, helped to produce the track too.”


The Original Track Award is sponsored by TikTok. TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Their mission is to inspire and enrich people’s lives by offering a home for creative expression and an experience that is genuine, joyful, and positive. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.