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Young Leader Award supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery

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For a young person (aged 25 or below) who has demonstrated great leadership skills. This might be a participant who has now joined the workforce, or a young musician who has been an integral part of the project.


image of Sindy Czureja youth music awards

Sindy Czureja

Music Action International (North West)

Sindy is an incredible singer and beatboxer of Polish-Roma background. She approached Music Action International to volunteer on Harmonise, a creative programme for young refugees and asylum seekers in schools. She is now central to their programmes for young unaccompanied refugees.

Sindy has developed a special connection with the participants, which goes beyond something that can be taught. Participants say she is an inspiring and kind-hearted facilitator, and someone easy to connect with, as she too has some common experiences of the struggles that young refugees go through. She makes an incredible contribution to improving young peoples’ lives.

Runner up

Nazmul Hoque youth music awards

Nazmul Hoque

Raw Material (London)

Nazmul is the project youth coordinator at Raw Material, developing and executing projects aimed at youth empowerment through music and peer to peer support networks for young people aged 13-18.

Naz always wants to encourage young people and co-workers to be partners in their own learning. His other strengths are creating unique music projects including Raw Sessions, promoting the civic development of vulnerable individuals, giving them skills to boost their confidence and self-worth. Nazmul has always had a clear understanding of the scope of his work and its impact.

Runner up

Olivia Seaward youth music awards

Olivia Seaward

Yes Brixham (South West)

Olivia Seaward first joined MusicAtTheEdge back in 2015. In that time she has performed at over 20 live music events, created several Music Videos and played music with around 100 other musicians. Olivia became the Youth Ambassador for MusicAtTheEdge and helped organise podcasts, attended online workshops, planned and hosted 3 online music festivals featuring dozens of other performers and charities and created a 30 episode run of her own Music Theory Vlog titled 'Musication' In recognition of theses achievements Olivia was nominated for and recieved the Civic Mayors Special Recognition Award. Olivia has consistently and creatively looked for ways to make music with the people around her and to share her skills and knowledge with her fellow musicians.

two people standing in front of white board with logos, both holding award between them
Award winner Havsa Oumar with Olivia Funnell from ABRSM. Photo by Blouhaus Photography.

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