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Artist: Pritt
Producer: Jbyss & AVB
Mixed and Mastered by: DØN

Double standards are annoying. As an Asian female artist from South London, you would think life is easy and things fall into place but, there are always remarks that are being said to your face or behind your back that have been instilled in our minds to take in because society says women conform. The comparison between men and women in a society is what Pritt highlights. It really hits home as Pritt focuses on representing women that have been in her position or are currently experiencing this. To commemorate everyday being International Women's Day, Pritt has written an anthem that aims to empower ALL women as these issues may not affect them personally, we as a unit should represent each other. The Tamil letter in the artwork commemorates one of the basic letters in the Tamil alphabet and it shows that regardless of the issues within a community, Pritt is still proud of her background and it is a part of her identity.

Tunnel Vision

Produced by: Kiwi
Mixed and Mastered by: DØN
Filmed & Edited by: Pietro Biz Biasia
Photography by: Laura Foster
Embroidered Custom Bucket Hat by: Ophelia Dos Santos

Unfaithfulness causes for loss of trust. Something taken years to build takes seconds to break and time to heal - fixating on the one fact that her boyfriend texted her before committing a wrong doing, she writes a song regarding her emotions and the issues in their relationship coming back to the fact that he didn't have the audacity to call her or speak to her before. She then refers to her relationship as having a tunnel vision mentality throughout their time together and maybe they weren't meant for each other after all and that led to infidelity.


Produced by: dilushselva:
Filmed & Edited by: The Modern Film co
Male model:  Seth
Hair and make up by: James Ashley Stewart
Photography by: DMS Visuals
Nails by: Meg Taylor