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NextGen Spotlight: Meduulla

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meduulla wears her hair in braids and looks at the camera. her sunglasses sit on the bridge of her nose. she wears a vinyl material maroon hat and a cosy fleece jacket. a toothpick hangs out the side of her mouth,

Get to know Youth Music NextGen Fund artist Meduulla, a Mancunian rapper whose slick lyrical flow is paving her path into the music scene.

Meduulla's work reflects her experiences growing up in contrasting cultures as a first-generation immigrant to the UK from Zimbabwe, often using music as a vehicle for social and political discourse.

Debuting in 2021, Meduulla has had a steady rise ever since. The same year, she competed on the popular BBC Three programme, The Rap Game, with her post-show single 'Mish Muulla' receiving track of the week on BBC1Xtra. In 2022, she ticked off a major bucket list moment by performing at Reading & Leeds Festival, and continued to build hype with slots at Manchester International Festival, Green Island Festival and Youth Music's NextGen Community event in Manchester this year. 

After a steady stream of smooth releases, Meduulla's Youth Music NextGen Fund supported debut EP, 'Oblongata', is finally here. The eight-track project blends chill-hop, jazz rap and UK rap, and paints a picture of Meduulla's life and the kind of artist she hopes to become, discussing everything from love to identity and embracing failure. 

We dove deeper into Meduulla's debut project, creating as an independent artist, and what's next.

Your EP, ‘Oblongata’, has just dropped! This is your debut project. How did you know now was the time to share it with the world?

I’ve been waiting to release an EP for a while and after spending some time experimenting with different sounds, I just decided to stop delaying the releases. I feel very confident in my writing style now and sharing it now just felt natural.

How did you translate your ideas and emotions into the songs on the EP?

I write in my journal a lot, so many of the ideas and emotions presented in my songs, I have already thought about a little bit, so when it comes to writing the song, I let the beat lead me somewhere and try to have no filter when I write. Then I revisit what I've written and try and make it musical.

You worked with a range of producers on ‘Oblongata’, such as Ethan Hill, Abnormal sleepz, Wilroy, Mimski, and The Mouse Outfit. How did these connections come about?

One thing I love about the producers I have worked with is they have such unique styles and the connections came about in such different ways. Essentially, I was just drawn to each of their sounds and was desperate to work with them.

As an independent artist, how have you found navigating the music industry?

Everyday is so different. The highs are high and the lows are low but I have found that maintaining routine and a healthy lifestyle around the music is a great foundation for navigating the industry.

You wrote and featured in the powerful spoken word piece for the Youth Music Awards 2023 introduction film, Take Note. Where did you find inspiration, and what was your creative process like?

When I heard that Youth Music wanted to create something that would act as a call to action to industry professionals that may be listening, I was instantly inspired. I knew that I had to create something that represented the frustrations of independent artists worldwide and what we would want people in the industry to take note of.

You featured on season three of BBC’s The Rap Game. What was that experience like?

It was great! It taught me a lot about the direction I'd like to take my music career and also made me realise that I do have the resilience and talent to pursue a career in music.

What opportunities came your way as a result of the show?

The show was a great way to raise my visibility and make people aware of me as an artist. Through that, I was able to capitalise on the attention on me and secure show bookings at Reading and Leeds festivals, Green Island Festival and many more. My favourite show has been opening up for Hip-Hop legends, Souls of Mischief.

Finally, what is next on the cards for Meduulla?

I am already working on new music to follow the EP which I am really excited about. I also have a super exciting brand collab with e.l.f. Cosmetics that's currently out. They painted my face on a mural in Manchester, London and Birmingham, so I can’t wait for people to see that! Also I have some international collaborations coming next year! But for the rest of 2023 I’m taking a well deserved break.


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