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NextGen Fund Round Two recipients

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Announcing the recipients of the second round of the Youth Music NextGen Fund: 34 young creatives making their ideas happen with a grant of up to £2,500.

Read our Reflections on Round 2, where Youth Music Associate Elijah shares insight on what made a good application, and tips for future applicants. 

Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for making this fund possible, and to TikTok and Turtle Bay for supporting untapped creative talent through the NextGen Fund.

301Circular sat in recording studio with arms folded


Sleepless Nights

301Circular is a 21 year old producer that has been making Grime music for 3 years. His music has been played on BBC 1Xtra, Rinse FM, and Mode Fm. Last year he's built relationships with Artists, DJs through networking at events and studio sessions. He would now like to release his own music.

'Sleepless Nights' is going to be a 5 track EP with every track featuring a different artist and the instrumentals produced by 301Circular.The artists are carefully picked to best represent the vision he's got and best suit his sound which is a mix between his biggest musical influences Grime/Trap.


  • Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Donae upside-down lying on grass


Friends or Affiliates

The blisteringly cold hills of Yorkshire, UK are warming up with the fiery heat of 8Nights. Combining powerful messages with contemporary lyricism, he is best described as a fresh slant on UK rap and hip hop.

Friends or Affiliates is an 'Extended Play' Project that he plans to release at the End of Summer 2022 (Friday 2nd September). This extended play will have 8 Singles and 1 Bonus track. This will have a new school Up-north HipHop/R&B feel.


  • Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Angharad wearing a white t-shirt in front of a white fabric background


I Don't Like That We're Estranged: A Friendship Breakups EP

Angharad is a 26 year old non-binary disabled trans artist. They believe everything is complex, and it is a disservice to edit out the nuance. Their first audio single, "We Grew Up In The Graveyard" was played on Radio 6 on the day of its release.

Millions of young people have their hearts broken by friendships ending. And there's not much music for it. This EP covers being let down and betrayed by friends, growing apart, and never quite getting closure. The music is already written, it just needs properly releasing.

  • Region Wales
Coupdekat wearing a black top with orange sleeves in front of metallic background


'Imaginary Girls' EP

Born in Luton, Katherine Reilly began writing songs at 15 years old, but it wasn't until lockdown 2020 that she started her solo project 'Coupdekat'. Song writing has always been her main creative output, alongside film, photography and fashion, which has helped her begin creating her DIY 'image'.

The funding will go towards her debut EP 'Imaginary girls', a project centred around her relationship with and on the internet. It's a project for her generation (Gen Z), and she intends it to be a selection of relatable, genre fluid songs.

  • Region East Midlands
Daniel in a recording studio, wearing a yellow hoody and black cap

Daniel Greig


Daniel is a young filmmaker originally from Aberdeen, but he travels throughout Scotland making music videos for up and coming grime, drill and rap artists. He has been making music videos in the Scottish rap scene for nearly four years and is constantly improving his craft.

The project is an internet mini-series consisting of five episodes which will be uploaded to Youtube. The series focuses on Scottish Rappers being interviewed while getting their haircut, delving into their personal life, early beginnings and barriers they have faced so far.

  • Region Scotland
Daniel wearing black t-shirt and beaded necklace, in front of orange background

Daniel Molyneaux

Human We All Are...

LGBTQ+ artist Daniel Molyneaux is on a mission to use his music to make the world a better place. His talent is one thing, but his bold and open honesty as a gay man sets him apart as a notable LGBT example.

He will produce and record an LGBT Jamaican dancehall/R&B based album in response to the homophobic rhetoric that Jamaican dancehall music has always possessed.

  • Region Greater London
DAYZY wearing blue jumper with white clouds


Land of Zion

DAYZY: a rapper, singer/ songwriter with a unique, raw, melodic sound. He represents the underrepresented; being a black, Liverpool rapper who brings a rare, scouse, energetic presence to the stage and through his music. DAYZY's material, identity and performance is a statement to the world.

This is a Afro/ hiphop EP based on DAYZY's untold story. This will be heavily inspired by his home country, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the journey of a Black man in Liverpool.

  • Region North West
Samuel outside in front of a large mirrored window


Samuel Mansell

Samuel Mansell (DeSide) is a 23 year old creative born and raised in Oxford. He has been writing and performing his own rap songs since 13 years old and has been experimenting in music video making for the last three years. He has recently finished a degree in film.

Samuel plans to create a media production brand that works with disadvantaged young people to create music videos and help them with branding themselves as artists. Growing up in financial difficulty as a young rapper he knows how hard it is to afford videos and get help.

  • Region South East
Head and shoulders photo of Emma under blue/green light

Emma Lawrance

Community Choir

Emma Lawrance is an artist activist  originally from North East England. She has been working and living in Glasgow for the last 6 years. She makes Art with community groups with the aim of improving public health and social inclusion.

Emma plans a series of weekly 2 hour sessions over the course of 6 weeks with a community in Glasgow made up of asylum seekers and their befrienders with the goal of creating a performance that is directed by the participants and facilitated by local musicians and artists.

  • Region Scotland
Black and white photo of Eve outside wearing knitted jumper

Eve Simpson

All Her Strange (EP)

Inspired by Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, SandDancer Eve Simpson is a singer/songwriter, previously featuring at the English Folk Expo showcase, and recipient of a FOCAL International award. Supported by BBC Introducing, Eve is co-founder of Intarsia Records, a North-East label, working freelance within community music alongside her final studies.

Eve plans a 5-track multi-media EP recorded in Newcastle and released over 24 weeks with a 3-stage PR campaign. The EP is bookended by Edinburgh and Newcastle, a love letter to the personal development owed to two places. The EP holds songwriting at its core; a coming-of-age piece.

  • Region North East
Goblyn outside next to a tree and a river



Goblyn is an aspiring electronic musician and digital artist based in Margate. Since graduating with a 1st in Creative Music Technology she has explored sound engineering, composing, DJing, and audio-visual art. She's been inspired to debut as a musician, and is passionate about producing an experimental EP.

Goblyn will write, produce, and publish her first EP inspired by IDM and Braindance genres. Auras will explore her complicated feelings for Thanet, where she grew up. The EP will be a sound journal that responds to a visual journey through her memories, represented by experimental photography and film.


  • Region South East
HASZNAT* wearing black leather trousers and coat with bare chest, outside in front of black and white wall


Real Rottweiler (Official Music Video)

HASZNAT* is a Bengali, Non Binary Queer London soul. Specialising in sound layering / dark techno meets rap. They want to reclaim Queer Rage and techno back to the communities it stemmed from. POC!

They plan to make an official music video to Real Rottweiler. The final step to releasing their first song and the start of their debut to the world. An unapologetic track of PURE UNFILTERED RAGE.

  • Region Greater London
Jack wearing white t-shirt and ripped jeans, sitting in front of red brick wall

Jack Devlin

Record and release EP + Single

Jack Devlin is a 22 year old singer songwriter from Northern Ireland. Studying music at Southern Regional College in Armagh inspired Jack to pursue music to a professional level. He exercises his passion by playing gigs, busking and writing his own music.

Jack will record and release a 4 track EP with a lead single, working with producer Shay Tohill and producer/mix engineer Cecil Barnett, released for June 2022. He will then record a music video for the lead single, use marketing and PR to plug it and gain radio play. 

  • Region Northern Ireland
James sitting outside among trees playing a Scottish traditional flute

James Bauld

Debut album

James Bauld hails from the Gaelic tradition and oral culture of the Scottish Highlands. Since graduating from the National Centre of Excellence for Traditional Music, he is currently studying music at UHI, gaining reputation as a performer, Neo-Trad composer and an ambassador for the modern voice of Scottish Traditional flute.

Lithographs is a project to further his career through production and promotion of a debut album materialising his compositions and showcasing modern Scottish flute playing. The process of lithography is a visual representation of the fusion of elements of Scottish trad with other genres to produce a contemporary sound image.

  • Region Scotland
Jensyn sitting in a recording studio playing an electric guitar


6-track EP

Jennifer Morgan is 21 years old and is a musician, composer and producer from Solihull (Birmingham)! They graduated from Liverpool University last year with a First Cass Honours degree in Music. They have written music for several short films and they release music for their solo project, Jensyn.

This is their 3rd and longest EP for their musical project 'Jensyn'! It is going to cover themes of isolation and escapism combining acoustic and electronic elements. It will be released using distrokid to all streaming platforms ready for its live performance and one song will have its own video!

  • Region West Midlands
Joash standing outside in front of white wall spray painted with black and orange


Joash The Album (working title)

Joash is a bilingual singer-songwriter and producer from Manchester. Since releasing his debut single whilst at college, Joash has been played regularly on BBC Asian
Network and even Radio 1 and has performed alongside international acts such as Zack Knight, Imran Khan and many more.

Joash plans a new body of work (target 8 songs) with multiple features, co-writers, and collaborations with a diverse group of musicians to propel his music career into the mainstream music scene.

  • Region North West
A press shot of Kai jumping in the air, with a atmospheric red background. He is wearing all black including a sweatshirt, jeans, boots and a beanie.


Kai Dylan

KAIR a songwriter, and vocalist but also plays the guitar and saxophone. KAIR is transgender and has been a young carer for his mum, his whole life. These things have really influenced his songwriting. KAIR is working with a drummer at the moment to try to bring his music to life!

KAIR plans to release a 3 track EP to all streaming platforms created by an all trans team, including producers, photographers and videographers. He would like to promote the EP through TikTok to build a following and fan base that will consistently stream the EP and future music and creations.

  • Region South East
Kasia sitting on a sofa wearing a fuzzy black coat, with houseplant in foreground

Kasia Konstance

Kasia Konstance EP

Kasia Konstance is an emerging singer-songwriter and flautist whose music draws on soul, jazz and R&B. Kasia is also a part of Tomorrow's Warriors Female Frontline. She started releasing her music in 2020 receiving great reviews and support from BBC 6, BBC 2, Jazz FM just to name a few.

She plans to record and release her new EP with a full live band. The EP will consist of 3-4 tracks, all written by Kasia. She's planning to have drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, flute, trumpet & backing vocals.


  • Region Greater London
Keanan wearing a white coat, standing on a floodlit sports field


8 track EP

Keanan is an ambitious hip-hop artist who infuses his African and British in his music. He is openly gay and uses his platform to express the struggles he faces within the industry. Keanan's unique one-take freestyles have proven to be a success, reaching over 1.1 million views on Tik Tok.

Keanan is set to release an 8 track EP this summer (title yet to be released) which follows his journey of self growth and rediscovery. It explores all his shades both emotionally and sonically through different genres and eras of music. After recently going viral on TikTok for his hard-hitting verses, this project promises to show a different yet fun side of the rapper, allowing audiences into Keanan’s world of ‘green’.

  • Region South West
Headshot of Khalil wearing a chain and black vest, lit by red light

Khalil Madovi


Khalil Madovi is the epitome of the modern renaissance man.The 24-year-old artist is a true multi-hyphenate; producing, writing, acting and film-making to the highest level. Inspired by the likes of Labrinth, Kanye West and Childish Gambino, Khalil is carving out a lane that is both non-conforming and innovative.

A COLD HEARTED SUMMER is to be a visual album that follows the story of a young man on his journey of self discovery. It's an audiovisual project that is centred around self knowledge, conflict, duality through the lens of young adulthood.

  • Region Greater London
Headshot of Kidsonic wearing black t-shirt, in front of grey wall


Finding Faith

Kidsonic is a visually impaired DJ and Producer, described as "Bringing the sounds of the sound clash eloquently blended with the textures of QZB with a dash of Arkaik and a pinch of Kyrist to taste".

He is in the process of releasing a Autobiographical Conceptual Album called "Memoirs" but wants to expand on this further utilising more techniques to make this a bigger and better album, focusing on his influences growing up as a music producer.

  • Region South West
Laura sitting in a field of long grass in front of a tree

Laura Dia

Oh Dia

Laura Dia is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and growing producer from Bristol, but she currently studies in Southampton. The core of her music is in Soul and R&B but she also takes inspiration from indie, Hip-hop, West-african and alternative sounds too. She reaches for the moon in everything she does.

Oh Dia's debut EP, a collection of 5 tracks, will be a "visual EP". Inspired by the work of Florence + The Machine and Beyonce; there will be a music video to accompany each song. It will present a theme of self-discovery and introduce who Oh Dia is as an artist.


  • Region South West
Lemonade Shoelace from above, sitting on orange and red carpet with a chessboard

Lemonade Shoelace

Create content for upcoming single release 'Do Whatever Makes You Happy'

Lemonade Shoelace is an explosive psychedelic project by Ruairi Richman. Lemonade Shoelace aims to load up the senses with colour, rich melodies and textures of sound that embrace the last 50 years of popular music, all written, produced and recorded by himself within the walls of his small bedroom studio.

Lemonade Shoelace plans to create content for a campaign around single 'Do Whatever Makes You Happy', including a Music video, Limited Edition T-Shirts & a custom graffiti mural. The single will be released in July 2022.



  • Region Northern Ireland
m&i wearing a cropped green vest top, standing in front of a wall of lights



m&i has been writing songs since 2014, and singing and recording them since 2017. Her musical inspirations are diverse because she looks at many aspects from stylistic choices to storytelling. That's why Lauryn Hill is hugely inspirational and like her, m&i is excited to make sonically, lyrically, stylistically, vocally banging music!

This is an 8-track project including a variety of genres, and showcasing m&i's personal growth and experiences since year 12. She also wants to showcase her musical, vocal, and stylistic growth since her last single. Each song is a standalone expression but also contributes to the story of the album.

  • Region Greater London
Maharani wearing a brown top, paisley headscarf and white eyeliner



Born in the Netherlands but of Indian Tamil descent, Maharani is an upcoming multilingual RnB/Trap-Soul singer-songwriter from London with a unique style that reflects the variety of cultures she grew up in.

An RnB/Trap-Soul 3-song EP, including songs in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English. The EP will fuse Desi elements and will include collaborations with prominent upcoming desi artists.

  • Region South East
Mirari shirtless lit by red and blue lights

Mirari More

The Mask

Born in Lagos, Mirari emigrated to London aged 7. He credits the experience of being uprooted at a young age to the confidence he carries in art and life. His musical style is rooted in Hip Hop but also fuses Jazz and R&B. It is formless and experimental.

'The Mask' is about me, you. It is about us. It is about the varying faces we wear to be able to cope with certain environments and situations. The album takes us through the journey of three characters and the mask they wear: survival, vulnerability & ego.

  • Region Wales
Montel stood underneath Give Way sign at night wearing white t-shirt

Montel Gordon

Nostalgia'99 Issue 002: The Black British Experience Through the Eyes of Music

Montel Gordon is a Ph.D. sociology student at The University of Warwick focusing on race and education and a freelance journalist and opinion writer for The Voice newspaper. He has been published in The Independent and The Jamaican Gleaner.

This project and also Nostalgia'99 is a unique blend of how music, politics, and culture intersect. This magazine will document the Black British experience through the eyes of music from the early waves of post-war migration (The Windrush period) to the present age.

  • Region West Midlands
muva of Earth wearing multi-patterned outfit, stood outside in front of foliage

muva of Earth

EP1; Aligning with Nature's intelligence

muva of Earth is an ASCENDING SOULSTRESS from tribe 'Crown of Ọṣun' in Yorubaland. Born and raised in London, the ever-evolving being is inspired by Sun Ra, Sade and Fela Kuti. Her music explores the complexities of identity, the self and human connections over a bed of afrofuturistic rhythms.

A 4 track compilation by muva of Earth and an ode the journey of life. A blend of sounds and mantras from afro spirituality, here with the intention to ascend its listeners. An infusion of all messages and lessons from her life, from the cries2highs. Always appreciating life.


  • Region Greater London
Podge wearing red hat and holding plasters in front of eyes


Happy Day DAY

Podge is a 22 year old, Kenyan/British procducer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, rapper and songwriter making genre-defying electronic music. He creates work in a range of disciplines including: music, VFX, graphic design, 3d art, video editing, sound design, and live performance.

Podge is planning to release an EP/Mixtape he produced and recorded last year alongside a range of complementary visuals and music videos he is planning to create himself.

  • Region North West
Rasida sitting down in front of white background, wearing black top, white jeans and red trainers


Beyond The Lens

Rasida is a singer-songwriter from East London. Her sound lies between resounding soul ballads and silky electronic RnB. She has performed all over London including the main stages of LOVEBOX, All Points East and The Royal Albert Hall. She has released 2 tracks along with a live session accumulating 11k views.

She plans to release a 2 single projecting replicating an A&B tape in July. The concept will be like an open diary having a personal feel with the songs and visuals. Both songs with contrast each other in terms of mood almost giving a day and night feel.

  • Region Greater London
Rianne wearing patterned top and hoop earrings, lit by red light

Rianne Lewis

RUN IT: Grounded Sounds

Rianne Lewis is an entrepreneur and music enthusiast. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in mainstream and urban music, for example, Red Bull, Roundhouse and The Great Escape. As the founder of RUN IT, Rianne's latest venture has seen her delve into the world of events management.

She is planning a series of hybrid events celebrating the UK's rising stars and underground music culture.

  • Region Greater London
SMRKA wearing blue jacket over white top, in front of white background


SMRKA's First EP Release

Smrka is a drum & bass producer and DJ from Blackpool. Drawing inspiration from rave music, her mixes bring the vibes from jungle and breakbeat to halftime and heavy rollers. Her cutting, cultivated approach means you can expect a fusion of 90s and modern sounds on her forthcoming releases.

She plans to release a 4 track EP and grow her skills and connections as a producer. This will involve learning new production skills, attaining equipment, creatively marketing her work, networking with others in the industry, and utilizing everything to continue to release music and help other young people.

  • Region North West
Szou wearing a black coat and triangle earrings, stood outside next to foliage


I'm Beautiful

As heard on BBC Introducing radio stations, producer Szou isn't your ordinary pop artist. From the COVID crisis to body positivity, Szou's lyrics are a unique take on life and the universe. Fusing euphoric production and soulful vocals, Szou is one of the most exciting up and coming electro acts.

She plans to release a pop track exploring disordered eating, beauty and the many pressures women face to look a certain way. She also wants to perform the song at a gig with Electronic music equipment she will acquire.


  • Region London
Violet May standing outside wearing black bucket hat, black jacket and white top

Violet May


Violet May is a 20 year old singer songwriter from Brixton. She recently won a Youth Music Award and is working towards the release of her EP. She is trying to turn pain into power through her music. She has performed and collaborated with Brixton Chamber Orchestra.

She has been building her EP for a year now and has three strong tracks that need to be mixed and mastered and would like to write and record two more tracks with help. After her EP is complete she plans to release it and follow it with a launch.

  • Region Greater London

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