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NextGen Fund Round Eight Recipients

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Announcing the recipients of the eighth round of the Youth Music NextGen Fund: 36 young creatives making their ideas happen with a grant of up to £2,500.

Round 8 of the Youth Music NextGen Fund has been made possible thanks to our principal partners the Players of People’s Postcode Lottery, and support from PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and the Dr Martens Foundation.

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Created by Connor Morgans, Adlais, meaning 'echo' in Welsh, is a bilingual promoter of contemporary Welsh music. Having curated two successful events in south and mid Wales so far, Adlais is looking to give artists and communities in North Wales an opportunity to experience the diverse talent Welsh music has on offer.

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Alex Rushfirth

Yorkshire and the Humber

Founded on the principle that creativity is the natural state of the universe, Alex's project will consist of six monthly events showcasing his new work, a guest performance and a recorded podcast-conversation between himself, the guest and the audience. These recordings will document, promote and catalyse the creative scene.

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Greater London

Anmol will record and release his debut EP which will consist of two original songs and two arrangements of traditional Nepali folk tunes. It will help to introduce him as an artist within the UK's world music scene with a specific influence from Nepali tradition and culture.

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South East

Boudicca plans to release four singles, grow her social media profiles, purchase new equipment, spend time in the studio and purchase a ticket to The Great Escape Conference so that she can network.

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Cian Jay

Greater London

'Gunk' will be a five-track exploration of Cian and his generation, fusing nostalgic 2000s/2010s electronic indie pop with new and forward-thinking production ideas. He describes it as: "A love letter to the UK youth, navigating the highs and lows of our collective journey along the way."

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Dee Rae

North West

Dee Rae will record, release and promote a six-track EP. More specifically, she will use the fund to create a live audio and visual session of the EP, press photos and album/single art to a high professional standard.

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Elizabeth Liddle

North East

Elizabeth has a five track EP written and ready to record. Two tracks are currently complete but she will use the NextGen Fund to develop, record, mix and master the remaining three. Promotion will include a PR campaign with playlist/radio pluggers, a music video and a live video to achieve maximum reach.

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Hailing from Zimbabwe, Eyve would like to blend in the music she listened to as a child with the Hip-Hop music she is into now. "The techno world in Glasgow has been a fascination to explore with Afro-futurism," she says. Eyve will create a project called 'Metamorphosis ye Sound' with the NextGen Fund grant.

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Greater London

FIZA plans to release a five-track EP released over 24 weeks with a three-stage PR campaign. The EP is a collection of journal entries set to soulful melodies, each track unfolding a chapter in FIZA's musical diary, inviting listeners into the musical narrative of shared experiences and emotions.

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Wrenna hopes to utilise knowledgeable people and tools to help grow her success as an artist. Alongside two song releases, she will be improving her understanding of marketing, PR, songwriting, production and performing, as well as gaining resources she needs to reach larger audiences at concerts, through social media and radio.

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Northern Ireland

Finnbarr's debut EP '21' is a collection of five solo tracks that express the hardship of life; more particularly the loss of life. The main focus is on loss by suicide. "I aim to provoke sensitive but necessary conversations," he says.

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Greater London

GIYA will release her EP titled 'CURRENTS', consisting of five tracks with two singles. The NextGen Fund will support producing, mixing and mastering the songs, as well as a focus on marketing the project as well.

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Jack Thompson

South West

Jack wants to work with upcoming local artists to create a series of music videos, working together through audio and visual to "create a story which represents the struggles of growing up and making music in a seaside town where there in a lack of culture / music scene."

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East of England

JayaHadADream explains that her EP 'Peng' is an "empowering project about the overwhelming feeling of being and outcast and feeling 'chaotic' growing up as a mixed race female tomboy." It will involve the creation of three tracks, recorded in a live band studio performance.

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Yorkshire and the Humber

Kindelan will use the NextGen Fund to finish making and release a double single. "These songs live together, telling two sides of the same story, and I wish to explore this narrative through all aspects of the release - e.g. artwork, videography and my first physical release of a double sided vinyl," she explains.

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Leo Miyagee

Northern Ireland

Leo will put their NextGen Fund towards recording and releasing a new six-track EP, to be released either later in the year or at the very start of the next year.

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Lia White

East Midlands

Lia wants to finish off production of her song from start to finish. She also wants to create some visual content around it herself, essentially taking on all the roles. In an industry that lacks female producers Lia wants to take on her vision wholeheartedly.

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Lori Asha

South East

Lori's project, 'sugar free', is a collection of songs that she has composed and recorded herself. Lori is now looking to master these tracks and get promotional assets together so she is ready to release. 

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Mairi Sutherland


Mairi wants to record and release a four-track EP of original contemporary folk music and hold an EP launch party to engage with the music community through immersive live performance and accompanying visuals.

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ManLikeVision wants to work on his third studio album. The project seeks to address his upbringing in Wales, talking about struggles with mental health, relationships, poverty and his story growing up with a disadvantaged background.

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Marcus Frame


Marcus will launch an integrative project focusing mainly on collaboration. His aims includes the creation of experimental jazz, soul and funk from Scotland, collaboration and commissioning local artists, creating innovative marketing campaigns and overall to continually develop as an artist.

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North West

Ralph's funded project will examine the complexities of life, from personal struggles to societal issues. 'Papillon' delves into self-discovery and growth while 'The Money' reflects on the impact of wealth on happiness. 'I'll Be Me' expresses gratitude and self-acceptance. Lastly, 'The Victim' addresses mental health, societal challenges, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

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North West

Resistance is a DIY hardcore/punk style platform that focuses on supporting underground musicians within heavy and alternative music. It reflects all of founder Harvey Leacock's varied skillset, some of which are journalism, A&R and graphic design. Strong ethical values are what sets the platform apart - "resisting" the ills of the modern music industry.

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Sarah Barron

North East

Sarah will create a comprehensive Regional Industry Directory to bridge connections and demystify regional services, key contacts and venues (performing/recording/rehearsing). The project will involve in-depth research through one-on-one interviews and feedback forms, ensuring informed understanding user needs. The directory aims to promote collaboration and spotlight the vibrant musical landscape of the region.

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Serena Jasmine

West Midlands

Serena wants to create a progression from her debut EP, 'Rerooting', which laid the foundations of her sound. Her NextGen Fund project, 'Everlasting' is about how all your memories, experiences, and people you meet are all everlasting. Including your intentions and impact in this life, it will be everlasting in generations to come.

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North East

Consisting of community, underground electronic music, and feminine influence, produced and mixed by myself, melba's project will establish her as a producer, also allowing melba to use and improve my existing skills in video editing, 3D, and design to advertise efficiently. She hopes it will also progress into an EP launch night.

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West Midlands

Signal's five-track EP will be developed through an exploration of UK electronic sub-genres, in collaboration with women and non-binary musicians.

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simon a.

Greater London

'the show' is conceptual album incorporating previously released tracks and never-heard-before material, and features nine songs. Each song is written from a different perspective, and takes the listener on a journey through the human condition, guided by soulful, meditative, and expansive music, and a launch event playing it live.

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East Midlands

StudioWyzz will release a carefully selected collection of his best tracks as well as some unreleased songs to showcase his versatility and development since his first release. "This gives me and my fans a chance to relive and enjoy my older song once again but this time with some surprise unreleased music of mine," he says.

susi wears a knitted hat

Susi Pagel

Northern Ireland

Susi intends to record a three track EP, ideally working alongside Rocky O'Reilly in Start Together Studios. The project goal is to reach a wide and growing audience through an innovative PR campaign, establishing a name and image in the music industry.

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South West

t.e.d will use her NextGen Fund to mix, produce and master her four track EP, 'Neophyte' (the sound of self), to conclude the first chapter of t.e.d. Following on from the success of her previous singles, t.e.d wants to cement her reputation as an emerging Indie R&B artist, using this as a marker of change.

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Tommy Phillips

East Midlands

Tommy is planning to launch and scale an independent music label as well as his music career with support from the NextGen Fund. Tommy will focus on the house music scene.

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North West

The NextGen Fund will enable the mastering of Trees.R.Good's seven-track EP and for them to self-produce the single's respective visual components. The visuals will act as music video visualisers online, in live live shows projection and in a marketing campaign involving community gardens and volunteering groups across the North.

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Greater London

Y.Shadey's debut EP, a fusion of Drill, jazz, and gospel, unveils a captivating narrative across five tracks. Guided by Sony Music's RP9 Productions, the project promises high-quality audio production complemented by visually striking content, including explosive TikTok series and a PR campaign with Twelfth House, setting a new creative standard.

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East of England

Zeitgeist will work on a 12 track album with a foundation of jungle that branches out across UK garage, drill, and soul to reflect the soundtrack of his adolescence growing up in the UK.