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NextGen Fund FAQs

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The Youth Music NextGen Fund offers young musicians and creatives behind the scenes grants to bring their ideas to life. 

Read the frequently asked questions below to find out more. 

Got a question we haven't answered?

Will I need to pay the money back?

No, but you will need to complete an evaluation form on completion of the project to receive the full amount.

Am I allowed to make profit?

Yes. We want to support your journey to building a sustainable career or revenue stream for your creativity. You won’t need to report this to us, but you will need to check what taxes you may need to pay on these.

I have been releasing music for several years, but feel as if I haven’t got a break yet, can I apply?

Yes. We will not penalise experience, but if you have already had record and or publishing deals, high profile performances and press this fund is not for you.

How are decisions made?

A team of assessors are brought in which will have knowledge of your genre or location and will judge on the criteria listed. This will be a mix of people from different ages, experiences and backgrounds.

Can someone else write the application on my behalf?

We strongly encourage you to write it yourself, and attend our workshops leading up to the deadline. The experience of putting it together will help you long term with your creative ideas and we will not be judging on language used or grammar. If someone else is writing for you because of access reasons, that is completely fine.

Will there be future rounds of this fund?

Yes. So if you aren’t ready to apply yet don’t rush through your application to meet the deadline. It would be better to wait and give this your best shot. There will be 3 more rounds per year.

Do I need match funding, or money to put into the project myself?

No. We especially welcome people who cannot fund projects themselves. Your ability to add extra funding won’t be a decision making factor.

I’m a British Citizen but I’m not currently based in the UK, can I apply?

No. Activity must be based in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Can my project be based or include work overseas?

No. Activity must be based in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. We are not encouraging any non essential travel.

If I were starting a record label, what would you expect the project goals to be?

Getting your first release out is a great start! If you are able to sustainably fund your second record from sales of your first, then that would be even better. 

How many grants are available?

We’re awarding 30-40 grants per round, with three rounds per year. If you apply for this one, you can't apply for the next round, but you can apply for rounds after that. This is to make sure we can give a chance to as many people as possible. 

Would the grant include and cover contributions to producing an album?

Yes! You just need to be clear about where the money is being spent on the project. 

Do I need to have released any music already to be awarded funding?

No, you don’t need to have released music previously. If you’re awarded funding for your music, we will want it to be released.  

I already have a label / platform that has released some self-funded projects, but I need additional funding to put out more. Can I still apply?

Of course, if you've already got a platform that's great! Just be careful not to take too much on. You should only apply for projects that you can deliver. 

Can I still apply if I don't have an official music education - like A-levels or a degree?

Yes, the fund is open to all. 

Can I apply for the fund if I've already released music?

Yes, and we want you to release more! 

I'm quite unfamiliar with how much recording an EP / album would cost. Would I be able to receive help on budgeting from Youth Music?

You can book a 1:1 Session with our team when the funding round is open. They can answer any questions you have about your application and  can sign post you to places that will give you rough costs.