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Music Video Award sponsored by YouTube - vote for your favourite

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The Music Video Award is sponsored by YouTube

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We received over 400 nominations for the Youth Music Awards 2021. Thank you to everyone who nominated and a huge congratulations to every nominee who has been shortlisted. 

If you were nominated across any of the other categories, you will receive an confirmation in June to let you know if you have been shortlisted.

We've selected 6 exciting artists for our Music Video Award sponsored by YouTube. 

The videos reflect a diverse range of outstanding creativity and/or technical accomplishment, from a group of young voices on the rise. We now need you to choose to the winner. 

Vote for your favourite below!

Voting closes on Wednesday 19 May. 


By Artist: SKIA

Project: Merseyside Arts Foundation (North West)

SKIA nominated herself and says, “For Anyone I wanted to make an avant-garde video. I knew that I wanted my friends, bikes and wedding dresses to be involved. I love the contrast between the white dresses and the derelict Liverpool back-street, and that it’s got nothing to do with marriage. All the girls involved in the video are artists in their own right and I wanted all of us to come together to create the bad-ass energy that I was going for. The song 'Anyone' is meant to encourage my listeners to believe in themselves and this idea is represented in the video, which for me stands for empowerment and sass in a very aesthetically pleasing way. I had a very clear idea for what I wanted the video to look like, but due to a small budget and also me wanting to be very involved in the preproduction of the video, me and my manager project managed the making of the video.”

Directed by Corey Rid
Idea by Annie Norbye and Nina Himmelreich
Set photography by Tayler Little
Choreography by Ellena McConville
Set assistant Patrick Smith
Kev and Suze Marley and Maria Morris Couture for providing costumes
Dancers/Starring Jen Baranick, Meg Grooters, Dagny Kristensen, Emilie Krogh Johannessen and Bridget Mayer

Bassline Sounds

By Artist: J4

Project: Romsey Mill (East of England)

J4’s nominator says, “For this style of song we would usually get a group of young people together as its a very upbeat/ party style song, however this wasn’t possible due to COVID. Instead we decided to shoot this in the new vocal booth we built at our Hampton project. My vision for the intro of the track was to be able to introduce him in stages as a reveal, and we used three static camera shots in the same position which allowed us to create the effect of him disappearing or going to his silhouette shot. We did six takes to shoot this video which was very tiring for J4 as he performed the nearly 5 minute track with so much energy! We edited the video in Final Cut Pro X and also purchased an additional plugin which enabled us to animate the video by drawing over the top, an inspired style we had seen in recent Ghetts videos, who is a great influence to many of our young people. Other masks and writing was added over the top of the video by drawing into Sketchbook app on an iPad and then importing this over the top of the video.”

J4 - Artist / Performer
Dave Read - Director, Filmer, Video Editor/ Animator
Dave Charlton - Lighting and Creative consult
Karl Lewis - Hype man and Chauffeur


By Artist: Phonetic

Project: AudioActive (South East)

Phonetic’s nominator says, “This animated video was storyboarded collaboratively between Phonetic and Mark Culmer. Mark painstakingly drew the character illustrations in Flash - including many iconic Brighton Landmarks. Mark is a huge fan of Hip Hop and has worked with Chuck D of Public Enemy and Kool Keith to name a few.”

Song by Phonetic
Produced by Classixs beats
Video/Animation by Mark Culmer

You Do You

By Artist: Sarah Angel

Project: Brighter Sound (North West)

Sarah nominated herself and says, “I wrote this song in a state of shock after the person I was with at the time and cared about a lot, hurt me in a way that really broke me. Although I believe I was not faultless, I also believe the way I was treated was severely wrong, and his lack of respect for me was very apparent. This song was and is me piecing myself back together, giving myself a hug, and allowing myself to get on with my life. The fog you see throughout the video is reference to my state of mind, placed with my 'inner self' in the red warrior outfit and balaclava, signifying the battle in untangling myself from the confusion, lies and deception I've been lost in. The contrasting shot of being in vast landscape with only the huge tree in sight, serves as a beacon of hope and this is further complimented by the open gate representing freedom to go and 'do me'.”

Directed by Sophie Barrott
Styled by Sarah Angel and Heather Rothera
Jewelry by Ice Rocks

Bad Bitch

By Artist: Olivia Rose

Project: Knowle West Media (South West)

Olivia shares, “this music video goes deeper than the surface, it's all about empowering yourself as a woman, and in the video, I wanted to include a variety of women! It's all about being young and having a good time, it was a really enjoyable video to make.”

Can’t Stop Drawing

By Artist: D.M.S.

Project: Heart n Soul (London)

D.M.S. (real name Danielle)’s nominator says, “Danielle has been working with Rosie Ridgway within the SoundLab studio at Heart n Soul, since 2018.During lockdown they have been working online together using various ways of shared music technology interfaces and different ways of recording sounds; including using shared screen functions on zoom to use Ableton together. Danielle has also been recording sounds from around her house to create samples for songs and beats. Danielle says making music during lockdown has helped her to stay “happy”. Her latest video ‘Can’t Stop Drawing’ was made by her and her brother Matthew Green during lockdown. The video and lyrics conveys Danielle’s love for art and ability to draw anywhere at any time! The song, which was made in collaboration with Rosie online, makes her feel “excited”

Danielle worked with Rosie to design her iconic “D.M.S” costume and helped sew the details. Matthew filmed and edited the video at home in August 2020. Danielle learnt the Makaton signs for her lyrics and performed them within the video. She also accompanied this with a hand-drawn Makaton lyric sheet so her audience can learn too. This was an important way of making her music accessible and engaging for more people.”

Filming and video editing by Matthew Green
Costume - Rosie Ridgway and Danielle Green Collaboration