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Meet the NextGen artists playing Give a Gig Week

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At Youth Music, we care about creating sustainable, meaningful career opportunities for young people. Particularly those who are underrepresented in the sector.

That’s why we’ve invited three emerging talents from our Youth Music NextGen community to perform alongside our headline acts for Give a Gig Week this year.

Get to know EVA, Jason Patel and Jasmine Rowland better...

eva crosses her arms and poses against a blue background


Supporting Hamzaa, 27th March at Amazing Grace

EVA was selected for the first round of the Youth Music NextGen Fund, before releasing any music. Dropping her first single ‘Reaching Out’ in April 2022, EVA has since produced and directed four music videos and released three self-produced singles thanks to the fund. Her debut single was nominated for ‘Original Track Award’ at the Youth Music Awards.

How would you describe your sound?

My current discography features the vibes of house, UKG, Liquid Drum and Bass. Imitating the noises of Electro-pop, Afro-swing and the the Jersey Club style beat, my sound is fun and flavoursome.

What topics does your music cover?

I've been producing and recording demos since the age of 15. My lyrical content vocalises numerous themes. From dazed adolescence to autonomous femininity, the poetry I create is rich and dissectible. A literature student at King’s College University, I enjoy storytelling and figurative language, taking inspiration from the natural world, ancient mythology and my own encounters.

What can we expect from your Give a Gig Week performance?

My first live performance with close collaborators J P Rose and Luke Gomm, the three of us have been orchestrating a musical synergy. Our arrangement will showcase some of the records we've produced collectively, including the latest single ‘My One’, with my own compositions in the set list too.

How has being involved with Youth Music helped your career so far?

Not only has Youth Music provided a support network, the NextGen Fund has created a means for me to pay my creative collaborators and polish my punchy bedroom demos. With specific visions and attention to detail, the fund has sponsored the development of my vision boards into fully formed cinematography to accompany my sound.

jason patel

Jason Patel

Supporting Tia Kofi, 28th March at Moth Club

Jason Patel began his musical career at Youth Music funded partner, YOUPRESS, and their funded artist development programme, The Collective. He then received a NextGen grant and was nominated for 'Best Music Video' at last year's Youth Music Awards.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as Alt-RnB/Pop. I love to bring in my many influences such as Indian classical music, bhajans, theatre and the arts from my acting strand. It's deeply emotional and empowering.

What topics and experiences does your music cover?

My music covers deeply emotional experiences, also just trying to navigate life and really trying to empower the self and the people around us. It's about love at the core of everything and really trying to own every part of yourself. It's relatable and a place where if you feel lonely, you can feel connected to a wider universe.

What can we expect from your performance?

In my performance you can expect a SHOW! This is my first full live show with all the works. I've put a lot of time and energy into the people present, giving my heart. It's dramatic and you get to know me. It'll not your average show of dancing, this is very much in your feelings, and vocals! I am going to take you on a journey and I cant wait! 

How has being involved with Youth Music helped your musical career so far?

Youth Music has helped my musical career tremendously! Being involved with them and gaining that belief and support in my music has really allowed me to accelerate my career and be able to have the opportunities, tools and knowledge I needed as a self managing independent artist. They are so present in my musical career and the making of where I am at right now and I am forever grateful. Youth Music was able to help me navigate and give me the direction I needed to take my music in and provide useful information advice and opportunities to further my career. 

jamine rowland holds headphones

Jasmine Rowland

Supporting Hamzaa, 27th March at Amazing Grace

Jasmine Rowland worked at the Youth Music Awards in 2021 as a runner. She was then selected to take part in a Youth Music funded project later that year working with the English Folk Expo as a Trainee Events Promoter. Jasmine has since received funding to put on her own live music event (catch it on 10th of May at Manchester’s Night & Day Café).

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is very eclectic but I would say very energy- driven! I mainly play UKG, Grime, RnB, Dance and UK Funky - anything to get people on their ten toes.

What topics and experiences does your music cover?

I think just growing up and making playlists for my friends, going to club nights when I finally turned 18. I grew up in South London so my music taste definitely reflects that but upon moving to Manchester, I have discovered loads of producer talent in the city too so it’s a real mix. I am fortunate enough to work in radio so I have discovered so many different sounds on the way and I have developed a real music knowledge for different sounds too.

What can we expect from your performance?

Big, big female energy. I am proud to be a female in the scene and to support Hamzaa, another leading femme in the music industry. I can tell the vibes will be immaculate. I can’t dance but I can also guarantee my two left feet will be out in full force. 

How has being involved with Youth Music helped your musical career so far?

MASSIVELY! I got into radio and my career by doing Youth Music funded projects. I have done years of community radio and both of the stations I have been involved with (Pie Radio and Reform Radio) have benefited from funding from Youth Music. Additionally, the programmes and networking opportunities I have been lucky enough to have had, have allowed me to meet like- minded individuals in a scene which you can easily feel really lost in. Youth Music is amazing for the pathways it provides for young people like myself to get into the music industry - so if you can, please come down and support the evening!

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