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Live in Lockdown: advice for new DJs

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Live in Lockdown is a series of interviews with young DJs and producers about their experiences getting into DJing, how their careers and creativity has been affected by lockdown and their advice for new DJs. 

The series was presented by Kate Whitaker as part of Youth Music Next Gen. Follow Kate on Instagram.

Making the most of lockdown

Kate sits down with DJ, and Activities Officer at York University, Ollie to learn how he's finding lockdown life in the UK, what advice he's got for staying creative, and how to get started learning to DJ.

How to put a set together (and more)

Kate sits down with Max, Managing Director at UK Drum and Bass label Riddim Records, to learn what it's like in the music industry right now, how to stay creative in lockdown, advice for building sets and more.

Getting started

Kate sits down with DJ CC to discuss learning new skills in lockdown, and advice for new DJs starting out during lockdown, when you can't play any live gigs!

Experimenting with sounds

Kate sits down with Joe, DJ and music event coordinator, to learn what he's been up to during lockdown, how to stay creative and his advice for new DJs starting out.

How to start producing tracks

Kate sits down with music producer George, to find out what kind of music he's been making in lockdown, his top tips for new DJs getting started, and how he actually goes about building a track.

Preparing a set, equipment and more

Kate sits down with DJs Arjun and Jakob to discuss life in lockdown, and advice for new DJs preparing sets and making music.