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Image of IRIDIS performing. She has dark hair with a fringe, and is wearing all black clothing.


Projects: Quench Arts/Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham

IRIDIS is an undefined Glitch; A humanoid with a musical skill set and idiosyncratic operating system.

Assisted by her Artificial Intelligence, she embeds complex subjects within metaphors. Fusing elements from industrial (rock), ambient, experimental and electronic, her ever evolving alternative style continues to baffle the system.

Witness Protection

Released on: 20 November 2020


Written and Directed: IRIDIS.
Music and Lyrics: IRIDIS.
Music Mastering: Sloe Flower Studios (James Wyatt).
Artwork: IRIDIS.
Video Editing: IRIDIS.

Masked Clown

Original song written and recorded by: IRIDIS.
Released on: 1 February 2019

Creating a Music Brand - Where to Start and How to Stand Out

Musician Liz aka IRIDIS, has been managing her music brand for a few years now. Check out her advice on where to start when developing a brand for your music, how to create an online persona, and how to make your brand stand out in the music industry.