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Inspirational Music Leader Award sponsored by the MU

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For an individual music leader (over 25) who inspires young people in music through their actions, creativity, determination, positivity, energy, selflessness or ability to overcome challenges.


Jimmy Power youth music awards

Jimmy Power

Inspire Youth Arts (West Midlands)

Jimmy patiently and skilfully teaches a small collective of Disabled young people to create their own music, using Zoom and Soundtrap during lockdown. The group is now producing great music that would stand up in comparison to any professional producer's work. This is all down to Jimmy's incredible ability to engage with the young people and draw out their creativity.

Runner up

Jess shaw youth music awards

Jess Shaw

Groundswell Arts (London)

Jess has worked as a music leader, songwriter, and facilitator on Groundswell Arts ‘Sing Our Story’ project over the last three years. As well as being a singer, songwriter, and guitarist she is brilliant at engaging with all people. Whether it is a room full of three-year-olds, or a parent of a child who is a reluctant participant, Jess's welcoming approach and skilful understanding of working with vulnerable groups of children and adults has made her one of their most trusted and reliable team members. Every setting that works with Jess wants her back again and many of the projects and schools that repeat programmes where Jess has run the project.

Runner up

Malaki Patterson youth music awards

Malaki Patterson

The Music Works (South West)

Malaki is renowned in Gloucestershire for his conviction to the music scene over the past 15 years. From The Music Works’ talent development projects to their young-offenders programme, he consistently demonstrates the capacity that music has to turn a life around, giving a second chance to those most susceptible to the negative forces that sweep through communities. Bringing his own experience and mobilising his community contacts, he has been instrumental in growing The Music Works exponentially, which now works with 3000 people every year.

two people smiling standing in front of white wall with logos
Award winner Neil Card with Viki Smith from PMLL. Photo by Blouhaus Photography.

2019 shortlist

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