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Inside the music industry

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Ever wondered what it's like to work in the music industry?

Introducing our new three-part YouTube series, Inside the music industry, a sit down with professionals working in the industry to discuss their jobs, and share advice for young people trying to get their foot in the door.

Each episode is presented by a young person aspiring to work in music. Inside the music industry is sponsored by Marshall.

Episode one out now. New episodes out on Wednesday's

Episode 1

Multimedia Junior at Marshall

Doug Young

Ayesha is an aspiring videographer who takes part in a music-making project backed by Youth Music with Raw Material.

In the first episode of our three-part series, Inside the Music Industry, she sits down with Doug Young, a MultiMedia Junior at Marshall, who talks about what skills are important for his job, how he got his start and more. Doug and Ayesha also discuss her experiences starting out and whether you need social media to succeed in the industry today. 

Episode 2

Guitar and Backline Technician

Ben Jackson

Upcoming producer Professor L sits down with Guitar and Backline Technician Ben Jackson, who's toured all over the world and worked with bands like Neck Deep and While She Sleeps.

Ben shares what a day in his life on the road looks like, how owning a van kicked off his career, how to ask for a promotion and more advice for young people starting out in the music industry.

Prof takes part in a music-making project backed by Youth Music with Music Fusion. Follow him on instagram @professorlproductions 

Episode 3


Charlotte Claber

Want to know what a Publicist does in the music industry? Charlotte Claber sits down with Luke, a young musician who takes part in music-making projects with Carousel, to discuss her career as a publicist at Marshall Records.