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Incubator Fund toolkit

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Congratulations on receiving a Youth Music grant for your Incubator Fund project!

As part of your grant requirements, Youth Music must be acknowledged as a funder in all official written and verbal communications associated with the Programme, as outlined below.

By shouting about your Youth Music funding and the impact it has made, you will help strengthen the case for continued investment in grassroots music for all young people.

Communications Requirements

Add our logo to your website and other materials

Please use the Youth Music Incubator Fund version of our logo, on all of your Programme-related information, marketing and publicity materials such as videos, records, flyers, etc.

We’d like you create a page on your website describing your Youth Music Incubator project, which uses the Youth Music Incubator Fund logo. Below you will find a short paragraph explaining the fund which you may choose to include. Additionally, we ask that the Youth Music Incubator Fund logo is included in all pages/assets/materials that reference funders or partners, and in the footer of your website if appropriate.

If you require advice about using the Youth Music Incubator Fund logo in a different format (e.g. for use in a video) please contact

If you are not able to acknowledge us visually, via a logo, then the following written or verbal acknowledgement can be used instead: “Supported through Youth Music’s Incubator Fund thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery

Celebrate the news

As a minimum, we expect you to celebrate the receipt of your grant award on social media. Like us, your local media will probably be inspired by your commitment to trailblazing industry change. Let us know if you’re up for spreading the word through PR, we have templates and advice to support.

We encourage you to showcase your project throughout its duration on social media (for example by sharing photos, quotes, videos, resources and music), tagging in the appropriate Youth Music and People’s Postcode Lottery accounts (see below).

Please also send us photos, music and videos, ensuring you collect the right permissions for us to use them on our website, in publications and other resources, and on our social media channels.

Tag our accounts in relevant social media posts





All recruitment opportunities for 18-25 year olds as part of your project should be submitted to Youth Music’s Opportunities Board.

Any external recruitment pages/packs should contain the Youth Music Incubator logo and/or written acknowledgement.

Press releases and PR

Please use the following sentence in all future press materials relating to this project:

“This project is supported by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.”

In addition, please include the following in the Notes to Editors section of all press releases:

About Youth Music’s Incubator Fund

Youth Music’s new £2 million Incubator Fund – expected to run over at least the next two years - is designed to help music industry organisations, particularly micro-businesses and SMEs, to harness the skills and creativity of diverse young talent.

It offers grants of up to £30,000 to forward-thinking music industry employers to support the careers of people aged 18-25. The funding, which can be spent on wages and support, provides a tangible way for small, independent organisations in the music industry to thrive and collaborate with the next generation and the wider sector.

The fund is available to people in England, Scotland, and Wales and has been made possible by support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

About Youth Music

Youth Music is a national charity investing in music-making projects that help children and young people develop personally and socially, as well as musically. It works particularly with those who don’t get to make music because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through.

Every year, Youth Music funds more than 300 projects nationwide, supporting around 80,000 children and young people to make music, develop their skills, and progress on their chosen paths. The charity campaigns alongside young people to advocate for those who are missing out, to invest where it’s needed most, and to drive change in the music industries and education.

Youth Music is funded thanks to the National Lottery via Arts Council England, players of People's Postcode Lottery, and support from donors, partners and fundraisers.

Youth Music quote for press release

We’re happy to provide a quote from a member of the Youth Music team for press releases. Please contact us at – it’s best if you include a draft of the press release in your email, then we have the context to provide a quote.

Where possible, let us know if you have a news story coming up a few weeks in advance. That way, we can support you to spread the word further.