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Heart N Soul

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Heart N Soul

Deptford, London

Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company and charity. We believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible. We also have a lot of fun!


Electric Fire are back! Their heart lifting, feel good second EP Buzzin’ is all about having fun. Opening with a song about the feeling you get when everything is going your way, from having rice or sausage rolls for lunch to touring Hong Kong, this is a band who are all relentlessly positive! Buzzin’ contains four incredible ‘egg funk’ bangers that could only be made by one of the best bands on the planet.

Filmed and edited by: Jack Barraclough
Artwork by: Aysen
Outfits by: Rosie Ridgway

All I See Is Beautiful Girls

‘All I See Is Beautiful Girls’ was shot round Deptford, it features K-Dog rapping to a cartoon dog and some of his Heart n Soul crew. All the baseball caps featured in the video are on sale now and include a download of his album 'There's No Turning Back Now' here:

Filmed and edited by: Could be Good and Lindsay Corstorphine.

*Shortlisted for Youth Music's Music Video Award, sponsored by AVID

Not My Problem

Danielle made a video for her attitude anthem ‘Not My Problem’. Bringing her art to life, the video features Danielle and her friend Michael dancing with giant props she’s made including her bag, food and squiggly balloons!