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Groundswell Arts Announced as Youth Music’s Learning Partner for the Energiser Fund

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Photos by Anna Gordon | X: @AnnaGordonPics

We are proud to announce that Groundswell Arts, specialists in creative programmes for young children, will be joining us as the Learning Partner for the Youth Music Energiser Fund. This partnership marks an exciting milestone in our mission to shift the dial in the perception and practice of Early Years creativity.

About the Energiser Fund

Have you ever thought about the impact recent events, like the cost-of-living crisis, BREXIT and COVID 19, have had on the youngest members of our society? They’ve been profoundly affected too, but they’re often left out the conversation. What’s more, early years settings are shutting down in droves, staff shortages are at an all time high, and all of this affects children already marginalised by society, the most.

In response, we launched the brand-new Youth Music Energiser Fund earlier this year, aiming to provide a voice for early years children through the power of creativity. The fund will explore and amplify the most innovative creative practices for early years children. 10 organisations will receive grants of up to £120,000 each over three years to make this exciting work happen.

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As well as receiving grants, the organisations will learn from other industry changemakers. They’ll explore co-design with young children, and lead by example to ensure practices are adopted by other Early Years practitioners nationwide, disrupting existing teaching models.

The Role of Groundswell Arts

As our Energiser Fund Learning Partner, Groundswell Arts will lead this exciting learning community over the three-year programme to share best practices, insights, and successes. Together, we will push for young children’s voices, creativity, and rights to be front and centre with policymakers and the Early Years sector.

"We are really excited to be partnering with Youth Music as Learning Partner on the Energiser Fund. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside funded partners to build a community of practice which puts early years children at its heart.

"This fund will explore a wide range of organisational and geographical contexts, art forms, and experiences, providing rich opportunities for learning. It will help build a strong case for placing the voices and rights of our youngest children at the centre of creative and cultural provision and policy."

- Angeline Conaghan, co-Artistic Director Groundswell Arts.

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We look forward to sharing updates and insights with you as the programme progresses.