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Give a Gig FAQs

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How do I get involved in Give a Gig Online?

Anyone can get involved! All genres of music are welcome. Whether you’re a musician, or promoter, or simply want to use the power of music to help young people. The first step is to register to Give a Gig.

When should I schedule my gig for?

You can put on your gig anytime – though we’d suggest a Friday or Saturday evening to maximise your viewers!

Give a Gig Online can be done any time of year, but all proceeds raised in the next six weeks (and potentially beyond) will go towards our fund supporting young people and organisations who are most in need due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How do I stream my gig?

All you need is an internet connection, a phone or computer, and a streaming platform! We’d recommend using YouTube, Facebook or Instagram where you can live stream.

If you want to stream on multiple platforms, we’d recommend setting up your live stream on YouTube, and then copying the link into other platforms, so that everyone has access to the same live stream link.

How do I fundraise?

Set up an online fundraising page that people can donate to. Options include JustGiving ( and Tiltify ( - select ‘Start Fundraising’ to get started. And then include that link in your live stream and when you promote your gig online. Alternatively you can encourage fans to donate directly through Youth Music’s website.

I have a different question - how do I get in touch?

Email us: