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Youth Music Funding Advisors

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At Youth Music, we believe that a greater diversity of views, skills and lived experience leads to better decisions. That’s why we work with a unique group of funding advisors to support us in assessing funding applications. Meet the team below.

alix apples artist photo

Alix Apples

Dumfries & Galloway

Alix is a Scottish folk/rock artist whose music focuses around gender-based violence, sexuality, and mental health. She heads her band 'Alix Apples & The Core', and was the 2019/20 Paolo Nutini Songwriting Scholar during her Masters in Music. 

Alongside her own work, Alix is the Digital Content Creator for The Holywood Trust - a charity supporting young people through grant-giving. 

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Amber-Ruth Watson


Using the arts to connect, heal and claim space, Amber is a singer songwriter/producer also working in events and on community projects. She is an activist committed to improving representation and diversity in the music industry whilst developing her own creative practice and leadership skills through various projects. Her investment in equality and inclusivity tends to navigate the path her work takes, exploring unheard voices and new perspectives.

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anna macgregor

Anna MacGregor

Cheddar, Somerset

Originally trained as a dancer, Anna has worked as an Arts Development Manager and Project Manager specialising in inclusive arts development for 25 years, including for Sadlers Wells Theatre, Drake Music and Live Music Now. She also runs her own yoga and wellbeing business.

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Aslan Herzen


Aslan comes from a theatre and TV industry background, and has been a freelance advisor with Youth Music since 2021. Extracurricular arts programmes gave him the confidence to begin his creative career, and he continues to be active in community music groups as a violinist, violist, and bass singer. Aslan uses his lived experience to promote LGBTQ+ and disability inclusion. 

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Carli Adams


Carli is an artist and freelance creative producer working in events, project management and label production within organisations such as Touching Bass and We Out Here Festival. She is also working on a solo project under the name Naima Adams, and is currently a Roundhouse Resident Artist.

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Charlie Brown


Charlie is a freelance community musician, vocal leader and music producer. She has gained over 20 years experience managing youth and community work across a variety of creative projects. She uses Logic Pro to produce music and in her spare time, runs a pop mash-up vocal harmony group and release electronic music as a solo artist.

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Daniel Jourdan


As a previous Youth Music funded partner, Daniel brings first-hand experience of what it takes to successfully run a Youth Music funded project. He currently oversees a grant programme in Camden (with all its legendary music venues!) reviewing 200+ applications per year. Prior to working in the funding sector, Daniel had been delivering face-to-face youth work across London for 15 years.

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Edi Milner


Edi is the front-person of 'Millie Milner & the Deadnames,' a queer indie band. Beyond the band's music, Edi works to improve the music industry. Through music facilitation and their collective to support small artists, they work to make the music industry a better and more inclusive place.

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Emily Jones


Emily is a freelance creative producer and musician with over a decade of experience in live music and artist development. Her previous roles range from the Barbican and Live Nation to Cheltenham Jazz Festival and Rhythm Section Intl.  She produces electronic music and DJs under the alias Echo Juliet, and teaches music production to women and gender non-conforming folks for Saffron.

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Emma Wiggin


Emma is an artist manager at Westwick Management and part of the core team for the European Music Managers Alliance Rock/Metal group. She also does public speaking on Disability diversity and equality in the music industry.

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With a background in Creative Health spanning Local Authority and Arts Council roles, Hannah is passionate about the power of Creative Arts on society. Fuelled by this, they have developed expertise in leveraging creative practices to foster community well-being and social cohesion. Hannah is dedicated to amplifying the positive impact of the arts in diverse social landscapes.

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Husna Khalid

East Midlands

Husna is a freelance creative arts professional working mainly within creative and youth sectors in the East Midlands. Using the Alias DreaM17, Husna does a range of services including (but not limited to) songwriting, poetry, and project management. Husna specialises in narrative lyricism and being a voice encouraging growth and sharing experiences.

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Izzy Barber


Izzy is a producer, DJ and tutor from Leeds with experience in and a passion for grassroots music events and community radio. In her spare time, Izzy runs the label Space Bunny Records, with a focus on club-ready electronic music and emerging artists. 

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Jen Ashton

Northern Ireland

Jen has a background working within the voluntary and community sector, including the development and management of creative arts projects, and currently assists grant holders supporting victims and survivors of the Northern Ireland Troubles/conflict. In, addition, Jen works as a consultant for a variety of funders and has 11+ years of governance experience as a company director for a large LGBTQ+ organisation. 

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Kirstie Costar

West Midlands

Volunteering at a youth project as a teenager gave Kirsty the confidence to start a band, complete a degree in Popular Music Performance and a MA in Songwriting. She has since worked as an art and music facilitator with early years to adults. Kirsty writes her own music and tutors others 121 and in small groups. 

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Kofi is a Scottish-Ghanaian creative learning producer working in an arts centre in Wales offering live music, dance, theatre and cabaret. He is passionate about creating opportunities and access for young people who may feel that the arts isn’t for them. Kofi is a musician in his spare time, playing an assortment of various instruments and love creating his own music.

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lewis wears an orange t shirt

Lewis Jones

South Wales

Founding Valley Events in August 2022, Lewis has a extensive portfolio in curating live events across the UK, as well as work within artistry and the community arts.

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Matthew Thomason


Matthew is a freelance composer, music director and music practitioner working in film, theatre, dance and community organisations. He has co-ordinated several Youth Music projects working with young people across all age ranges.

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mia smiles

Mia Baker


Mia's love of music started with a drumming project at my school funded by Youth Music - Drum Works - who she continues to play with today at festivals and gigs.  Mia feels hugely excited and privileged to now be able to help other young people gain access to music projects and discover their own talents and passions.

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Nicola Coaker


Founder of Newcastle based music and culture agency, Nrthrn Baby, Nicola is an advocate for underrepresented genres and minority artists across the North East. Her experience spans across music journalism, PR campaign management, music management, marketing and brand partnerships - specifically across rap and R&B.

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Pippa Morgan


Pippa has a background in artist development, including at a non-for-profit talent development agency and a DIY record label. She currently works on building artist release schedules and PR strategies at Liberty Music PR, and artist and distribution services at bespoke agency Singing Light Music. Alongside work, she is a saxophone player in a big band and self promotes gigs within the North East.

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Rightkeysonly is a two handed, one handed music producer that specialises in Electronic Dance and heavy baselines. As a Disabled artist, they also try to make the music industry more inclusive by encouraging opportunities for diverse individuals, such as accessible open mic nights, and talking openly about her own experience as a young person who grew up different.

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Selina McGonagle

Skipton, North Yorkshire

Selina is an independent project manager, advisor, and mentor working across a range of artforms including music, dance, spoken word and film. She trained as a dancer and has worked in the arts and cultural sector for over 20 years predominantly in cultural education and community learning. Selina is passionate about access to the arts for all.

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Toria Banks


Toria works as a writer and producer in opera, mainly with a small company she co-founded called Hera - they make digital and live work by women and gender minority artists. Tori also advises other companies as a Disability access consultant. She started out working in theatre, and enjoys all kinds of live performance. Tori plays classical guitar and piano, "but only badly for myself".

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xenia poses on the beach with a harp

Xenia Horne


Xenia is a freelance musician, creative practitioner and trainee Music Therapist creating projects with and for Early Years and all populations. She produces Sanctuary Space at Folk East and is on the Musicians Union Education and Executive Committees.

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