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Drake Music

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Drake Music

Drake Music is a leading national organisation working at the intersection of Music, Disability and Technology.  They are innovators, educators, curators and advocates, working towards equal access to music making for all. Drake are a team of Disabled and non-disabled professionals, musicians and technologists working together towards a more open and inclusive music sector.

Drake Music is also one of our AMIE Founders

Matthew Nealis - Bell's Gone for the Bell

From the forthcoming album 'In The World' A glimpse into the mind of an exceptional talent, and a voice from an often underrepresented section of society. Exciting, tender, humorous, revealing, confident, and romantic, Matthew's music is pure expression.

Video by: Laura Spark
Written and arranged: by Matthew Nealis
Produced by: Jonathan Hering
Engineered by: Rory Ballantyne at Ark Studios
Mixed and mastered by: Joe Wills

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Ey5z (a.k.a. Eleanor Cheetham) is a composer, producer and performer from Liverpool. Eleanor began with her participation in Drake Music’s Go Compose project and worked with the Drake Music team to take her first steps into the technical side of music production. Ey5z’s music, entirely self-composed and produced, is powerful, atmospheric and cinematic, and she shines as a beat-maker, producer, instrumentalist and rapper.

Louis Walkden - Magpie


Brighton-based singer songwriter Louis brings his love of charity shops to life in the glorious 'Magpie'. Inspired by, and filmed in, his favourite local charity shop, 'Magpie' celebrates the magic of a second-hand shopping spree with an infectious tune and charming video. Catchy beyond belief, Magpie is every bit as sunny and optimistic as Louis’ coastal hometown, combining elements of classic Britpop with the scruffier charms of anti-folk artists like Jeff Lewis.