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Dámì Sule

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Image of Dami Sule. He is standing to the side, and wearing a beige hooded jacket over a black polo neck jumper.

Dámì Sule

Project: Rising Stars NW, Manchester

Dámì Sule is a Nigerian-born singer and rapper living in Manchester. He started his music journey as a poet and spoken word artist in 2016 with performances in venues across Manchester. In 2017, he transitioned to music, creating his debut EP ‘Crayons’ which grabbed the attention listeners in London and Manchester with stations such Reprezent Radio, Radar and Unity Radio supporting the project.

His latest EP, 'So Far, Still Going', was released in 2023.

Dámì Sule Do My Best

Dámì Sule - Hide & Seek

Dámì Sule - Rolling Deep

Dámì Sule - Taking L's

Dámì Sule - With You