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NextGen Fund: Round Two

Born in Luton, Katherine Reilly began writing songs at 15 years old, but it wasn't until lockdown 2020 that she started her solo project 'Coupdekat'. Songwriting has always been her main creative output, alongside film, photography and fashion, which has helped her begin creating her DIY image.

Coupdekat notes 80s female-fronted indie acts like Blondie, The Slits and Mazzy Star as some of her key influences. Musically, Coupdekat combines modern beats with strong melancholy vocals, to create catchy yet emotive songs that tackle subjects like mental health, love, social media and loneliness. 

Listen to a selection of Coupdekat's tracks below.

Coupdekat - my complete reinvention

Coupdekat - CUT IT OFF!!!

Coupdekat - F.Y.E.O

Coupdekat - Love Online