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A natural partnership

“The first thing that grabbed my attention about Youth Music was when I watched a video called ‘I’m proof that it saves lives’,” says Stuart. “It really made me appreciate the importance of the work Youth Music does, and that it genuinely can be a life and death matter to some people.

“That resonated with me as being a really important cause, something that people who care about our society are going to want to get behind.

“As a business, Cambridge Audio has a culture of charitable giving, and so it just seemed really natural to work with Youth Music and support the cause.”

Cambridge Audio also took part in Give a Gig Week 2018 by raising money at their monthly Richer Unsigned live music session.

Award winners

In February 2016, Cambridge Audio put a limited run of 1,000 pairs of their first-ever earphones for sale on their website. Customers were able to choose the price they paid, with the money coming to support Youth Music.

The entire run of SE1 earphones sold out in under 24 hours, raising an incredible £26,000.

In recognition of the campaign’s success, Cambridge Audio and Youth Music were delighted to jointly receive the award for Best Corporate Partnership at the Emcees Arts & Culture Awards for Excellence in Fundraising 2017.

Cambridge Audio relaunched the SE1s in May 2017, with 50% of all proceeds being donated to Youth Music. They’re available from the Cambridge Audio website at £68 a pair.

Huge thanks go Cambridge Audio for their continued support, and to everyone who’s bought a pair of the SE1 earphones. Right now, the need for Youth Music’s support greatly exceeds what we can provide, so the generous contributions from Cambridge Audio customers have made a real difference to our work.

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Give a Gig

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