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Becca James

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Image of Becca James. She has long curly hair, is wearing a purple, orange and pink floral dress, and is standing against a dark blue wall.
Credit: Marion Botella

Becca James

Project: Generator, Newcastle

Becca is a singer-songwriter and community musician based in Newcastle. In 2019, Becca released her debut single, Control, a pop and neo-soul track through, Crumpet Records, an independent and intern-run label. Becca hopes to release more music this year with Tipping Point Records. Becca is also a creative freelancer with various roles such as a choir leader and arts assistant. Becca has also performed at the Women Are Mint Festival at Cobalt Studios and The Late Shows at Gateshead Library.

Becca debuts her latest single 'Control', at her single launch at Kaleidoscope Music.

Many of Horror - Becca James Cover

Becca James performs a cover of Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro.

Sweet Dreams - Becca James Cover

Becca James performs a cover of Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics.

Learn about Becca's career in music so far

Becca shares how she got into music and her career so far, as well as her tips for young creatives working in music. Becca leads singing groups and choirs in universities, schools and music studios, she's involved in the song-writing community and she leads a pop music experience at a music studio. She's also released her first single in May 2019.

Video editing by Nathan Fogg. Music by Becca James