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Advocating for inclusion

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At Youth Music, we invest in organisations who champion the need for better musical inclusion.

To drive real change, we can all play a part in inspiring other music projects and professionals nationwide. Here are three ways you can help.

HEARD model

1. Share the HEARD model

​​​​​​Our HEARD Model, created in partnership with the Bristol Beacon, summarises how to create musical experiences with inclusivity at the heart. Share this on your channels to encourage others to do things differently.

2. Join the debate on Twitter, using #MusicalInclusion

Can you share ideas that have worked for you? Or champion the importance of inclusive practices? We’ll amplify your conversation through our channels too.

3. Run an Empower Hour Session with Youth Music

Would you like to inspire other projects and professionals in the Youth Music community with your unique approach? 

Empower Hour is the peer-to-peer part of Exchanging Notes, designed to: 

  • inspire the community with the latest thinking in inclusive music learning
  • platform the diverse mix of projects, practices and people nationwide
  • spark connections between music leaders
  • catalyse change in sector practices. 

Every month, we’ll invite (and pay) a different expert from the Youth Music community to host a session, lasting up to an hour.  

Anybody can pitch an idea to us. In fact, we particularly welcome submissions from those who haven’t done anything like this before. From babies right through to young adults, we’re keen to hear from experts working across the whole children and young people age range. Find out more on the Youth Music Network website.