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David has his hands spread wide while running.

David Foster

I’m running again for Youth Music because I believe in the power of music to transform lives. Youth Music has been doing amazing work for 20 years, and it’s a privilege to support them.

I think music is important to everybody. I’m a musician myself (well a drummer!) and also work in the world of music with specialist insurance business Lark Music. Music has done so much for me, and teaches a whole range of skills, as well as doing so much to develop us as people.

Rachel is smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Rachel Lindley

Rachel is a publisher of books and one of our Youth Music trustees. She is a musician (singer and pianist) by training and passionate about the positive impact that music can have on people's lives - intellectually, socially and personally.

She's running the half marathon to raise money for Youth Music to ensure that more young people can have access to music and develop their skills and passions. She's claims she's a "terrible runner and always has been", and so has been starting from the couch. She thinks she'll get there, it's tight but she's constantly surprising herself when she's training, which is fun!

Beth is wearing a white t-shirt and smiling as she runs through a park.

Bethan Wynton

I am running the half marathon for two reasons: partly as a challenge to myself (it'll be the furthest I've ever run), but more because I think Youth Music is doing such fantastic work. I have always been passionate about the arts and the impact they can have on any person, but particularly those facing difficult times or challenging situations. I have seen the way music can change children's lives and I think it is such a powerful tool for unlocking their potential in other areas of life too.

David is wearing a light blue vest top smiling.

David Lewis

Raising money for charities that work with the younger generation is my main motivation for running. Naturally I am not an enthusiastic runner and so running for Youth Music is the reason I get up and go!

Music has always been a part of my life. It helped me get through school, into university and into the job I am in today. I want the younger generation to get all the chances I got to perform, play and learn about music. Music is transformative and life defining and so raising money for Youth Music in the Vitality Big Half Marathon this year is my little way of giving back.

Karleigh is smiling and has rainbow face paint on her face and is hold a colourful flag.

Karleigh Dowell

I am running the half marathon for Youth Music because of the incredible work they do. I believe it is so important to provide young people with a creative outlet. I have experienced the transformative power of music first-hand and I know how valuable music is. I want to help make sure every child and young person has access to music and music-making.

Two young boys making music with toys drums

Do something

Donating to or fundraising for Youth Music means we can invest in even more projects nationwide, helping young people to develop musically, personally and socially.