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Our projects take place in all kinds of places. Youth centres, libraries and prisons. Nurseries, hospitals and housing estates. Sometimes schools (although usually out-of-hours). Often, it’s the fact that we’re not school which helps young people to engage.

We help to create opportunity.

Several times a year, organisations can apply to us for funding for their music-making projects. Big or small. If they have a great idea for helping young people through music, we’ll consider it.

Our application process is rigorous, and we’re proud of that.

Organisations have to demonstrate the need for their project in their local area. They need to prove they’ve talked to young people to find out what they want. They have to show a fully-costed plan. And most importantly, they need to explain exactly how their project will help change children’s lives.

We know the elements that will make a high-quality project. Our panel of expert staff use this evidence and knowledge to help decide which projects to invest in.

But it’s a very difficult decision. Currently we can only support around a third of applications we receive, and we know that’s just scratching the surface of the nationwide need.

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