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Ollie Howell is a multi-award winning drummer, instrumentalist, composer, producer and broadcaster. His work has included writing music for films, TV, and commercials, producing pop artists as well as working as a presenter on Jazz London Radio and Jazz FM. Ollie is the first ever jazz recipient of a Sky Academy Arts Scholarship and he has released two critically acclaimed albums ‘Sutures and Stitches’ and ‘Self-Identity’.

In 2009, Ollie was diagnosed with a brain malformation and had to undergo brain surgery on several occasions.  Music helped him get through these difficult times. In March 2017, Ollie took part in our inaugural Give a Gig Week with a live gig at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London.  

"The musical support and opportunities I received growing up, not only helped fuel my career as a professional musician, but also helped me through my recovery from multiple brain surgeries. The impact music can have on someone, and particularly on young people, is simply unparalleled, and sadly not all children have the much needed access to it growing up."

"I strongly share Youth Music's vision and passion that all young people deserve the right to have access and opportunities for music, whether they are poor, suffer from physical or mental health conditions or have challenging backgrounds."

I know from personal experience how music can change lives and I want to help Youth Music in whatever way I can to bring music to more young people in a way that will transform their lives.