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Music Industry Skills Bootcamp For Londoners

The Mayor of London has awarded us a grant to deliver the Music Industry Skills Bootcamp. The Skills Bootcamps for Londoners programme aims to help Londoners aged 19+ to progress in work by giving them access to in-demand skills training and a guaranteed interview for a more sustainable, higher-skilled job and higher wages over time. The programme will also benefit employers by helping them to fill specific skills shortage vacancies, increasing productivity within their organisations.

The Mayor is funding Skills Bootcamps in the creative sector because London’s creative industries show less workforce diversity than other sectors in the capital, although it is more diverse than the creative industries in rest of the UK.

The Music Industry Skills Bootcamp has been developed by CLOCK and Music Ally, in association with the Greater London Authority, to provide all participants with real world practical skills and experience. These will  help you  find opportunities within both creative practice and business enterprise in the modern music industry. 

The focus of the 12-week course is on progressing your career, whether as an artist / writer / producer or as an entrepreneur or industry player. We will encourage collaboration between all participants so that creators can understand and explore their potential as business professionals; and also those with an interest in the business side will also learn how to support and develop creators. 

Each bootcamp will include writing and recording, creative collaboration and how to manage agreements around all of this. In addition the programme includes recording, mastering and production including a session in our partner studios, Premises in Hackney. We will examine how distribution, marketing, streaming and social media  works; look at direct to fan and merchandising;  run through the essentials of copyright as well as  how to protect your work and get paid. 

We will also run through the mechanics of live events, touring and promotion. The culmination of every bootcamp is a live event in Karamel; supported by promotion and marketing by teams working collaboratively through the programme. 

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