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Raga Exploration: Unraveling the Emotions.

Music with Manasamitra is a series of free, creative enterprise development workshops, delivered in partnership with Proper Job Theatre Company.

Our first session is Raga Exploration: Unraveling the Emotions.

The session will be led by Supriya Nagarajan, Artistic Director of Manasamitra and Rohith Sakthy, professional singer, composer, mix engineer and sound technician.

Overview: Delve into the intricate world of ragas, exploring the emotions and moods associated
with different ragas in Indian Classical music. Most people are not familiar with Indian Ragas and
different ragas are proven to evoke different emotions in their listeners.

Creative Programme:
• Introduction to ragas: Provide a brief overview of the concept of ragas, their structure, and
significance in Indian Classical music.
• Emotional nuances: Explore the emotional landscape of select ragas, discussing how certain
notes and phrases evoke specific feelings. This session is going to be more of a musical
meditative session, exploring different ragas which evoke different feelings in the listeners. In
this interactive session, both Supriya Mam and I, as performers, will explore the emotive power
of various ragas.
• Practical session: Demonstrate the expressive capabilities of different ragas through vocal
performances, emphasizing the emotional content.
• Interactive segment: Encourage participants to share their interpretations of the emotions
conveyed by various ragas, fostering a dialogue on personal experiences. Through live

Key Takeaway:

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the emotional intricacies within Indian Classical music.

The creative programme will be followed by a creative enterprise session, led by Proper Job Theatre Company, aimed at developing your skills in income generation and career progression.