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Release Yourself

Release Yourself is an exciting new programme designed by Generator, looking to guide artists through a process of releasing music through the right channels with a promotion strategy, and ensuring that all the correct registrations are in place so you can make money.

We are looking for 12 artists to support in 2020 through a uniquely structured programme to support the release of new music.

As part of the process, we will assist in the following:


At this stage, we will work with the artist to ensure they have all the correct registrations in place to make the most of releasing the track.

Structure and Release Strategy

Talking artist through the timescale for release and explain the key fundamental elements that need to be in place to ensure the optimum success of the release.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We will construct for the artist, a social media strategy for the release and plan appropriate content to build anticipation and promotion before, at, and post-release date.


At this stage, we will be taking the artist through the process of uploading the tracks as well as how the artist might engage with PR. In the weeks leading up the release and for a few weeks after release, industry professional Andrew Archer (Loft Music) will engage with the artist on a one-to-one basis to allow for debriefing and exploration of next steps. This period may include discussing tactics for engaging with and applying for playing at festivals as well as other showcasing events.