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Music from Youth Music NextGen Fund

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Check out some of new music that has been released by recipients of the Youth Music NextGen Fund.

Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for making this fund possible, and to TikTok and Turtle Bay for supporting untapped creative talent through the NextGen Fund.

AIYANA - All My Friends


Performed by - AIYANA

Written by -  Aiyana Chiara Scadding-Hunt

Produced by  - Daniel Lawrence Hall

Charity Stow - What the World Wants

Producer: Charity Stow Producer: Jamie Masters Music Publisher: Copyright Control Lyricist: Charity Stow Composer: Charity Stow

Video concept - Jay Naylor and Charity Stow Filming, directing and editing by Jay Naylor

Filmed on Kodak Vision3 200T Super 8 Film

Coupdekat - Imaginary Girls

Watch  'CUT IF OFF' music video from her Debut EP 'Imaginary Girls'

Directed by Kat Reilly and Amy Chiswell

Filmed by Amy Chiswell

Edited by Zack Arlo

Styled by Planet Soph

MUA by kmini.mua

Danny Cliff - D.C.X (Mixtape)


Empress Linoleum - Clouds


Watch music video 'God Complex' off Empress Linoleum's new EP 'Clouds'

Written and Produced by - Empress Linoleum

Shot by - Joel Mills

Edited by - Minor Formula Media

EVA - Reaching Out


Watch music video of EVA's debut single 'Reaching Out'

Produced and written by Eva Lewis

Video shot + edited by Sam Cheal

Keanan - Country Boy


'Country Boy' is the lead single for Keanan's upcoming EP 'Exhibit Green' which debuts August 26th. The video has been premiered with GAY TIMES Magazine. This track embodies Keanan's journey as an artist from the countryside who is trying to break into the industry.

Lefturn - AGENDA


Watch 'Midland Girl' music video, first single from self produced album, titled 'Agenda'.

Luke RV - Long Term Parking


Produced by Jens Muller and Pinky Unchained

Recorded and mixed by Conrad Stone

Mastered by Nifty Struggle

Shot and edited by Kiddus

Michael Diamond - Third Culture


Listen to Lamentations, the third single off Michael's album 'Third Culture'.

Odox - I See Red + A Beautiful Chaos


Odox released music consistently from the start of this year and saw his first single 'I see red' blow up on TikTok. He has since dropped his new EP ' A Beautiful Chaos'.

Yv Shells - LOSS



Produced, Performed and Written by Yv Shells

Guitar and Bass: Mark Mollison Mixed Engineers: Yv Shells & Anayo Mastered by Metropolis Studios

Director: Yvonne Shelling Creative Direction: Amardeep Sura, Anayo & Yvonne Shelling


NextGen Fund Round One recipients

Learn more about the first round of organisations receiving grants from our Incubator Fund, designed to help open up access to sustainable careers in music for people aged 18-25, particularly those who are underrepresented; and to support creative employers to innovate and incubate new and diverse talent.