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Girl in hospital playing guitar

Music-making and healthcare

Getting the chance to take part in music-making while in hospital or another healthcare setting has been shown to benefit children and young people in a number of ways.

Teenage boy playing guitar with three other teenage boys playing saxophone and trumpet in the background

Music-making and coldspots

Many children and young people face barriers to accessing music-making opportunities as a direct result of where or who they are. We’re determined to change this.

A young man in a baseball cap performs on stage with microphones either side and his arms in the air, his back to the camera, facing a large crowd.

Music-making and youth justice

Children and young people in the youth justice system often face a complex variety of issues in their lives. Providing more music-making opportunities for these young people is one of our top priorities.

Two young disabled musicians playing the Clarion

Music-making and disability

Around a quarter of Youth Music projects specialise in working with young disabled people.

Map of England with markers for Youth Music projects

Youth Music projects nationwide

We invest in music-making projects where they're needed most, with over 350 taking place all over the country.