Life in Neon

Band Name: Life in Neon Band Members: Benny - lead guitar and vocals Jack - rhythm guitar and vocals George - drums and vocals Isaac - Keys and vocals Joe - bass Genre - pop rock / prog rock / jazz / pop punk / with a touch of arena metal Location - Morecambe '5 stars! come and see Life in Neon, you won't regret it! Massive, melodic riifs, powerful drums, solid bass, catchy harmonies and a unique atmosphere ...'

Rich Kid Problems

Band Name: Rich Kid Problems Band Members: Ray - Vocals Ellis - Bass Nathan - Guitar Riley - Drums Genre - pop punk / pop rock Influences - Parmore, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, TwentyOnePilots Location - Morecambe / Lancaster

Andromeda Has Fallen

Band name: Andromeda Has Fallen Band Members: Jo - Vocals Sunj - Guitar Nathan - Drums Genre - Nu - Metalcore Influences - Linkin Park, Asking Alexandra, Slipknot Location - Morecambe / Lancaster 'Great band, good screams ... '

Buried in a Battlefield

Band name: Buried in a Battlefield Band Members: Reece Greenall - Guitar & Vocals Katie Livsey - Drums Sam Webb - Bass Genre - Metal / Rock/ Emo / Punk Location - Morecambe '... a great, devoted metal band, who show true emotion when they take the stage'

Pregnant Boy

Band name: Pregnant Boy Band Members: Alex Williams - Singer / Guitarist Charlotte Bantleman - Bass Lewis Wild - Drums Rebecca Bambury - Guitar Genre - Rock / Grunge Influences - Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers Location - Morecambe 'An energetic band of young people who understand the true meaning of music. This 4 piece will enterain the masses and as the years go by will surely grow to their potential'

Bay Youth Voices

More Music's very own primary aged choir ... pop hits and harmonies

Rockschool ...

Stages inclusive rockschool sesison brings young aspiring musicians together in a band setting to develop new songwriting and instrumental skills whilst making new friends ...


Singer songwriter from Morecambe

Girls Can ...

The Girls Can band formed as part of our Girls Can project during February half term and created the track 'Proud' together.


A classic rock band in the true sense of the word ... Kaizen have reformed especially for this gig!


Lewis headlines for the first time Stages Live!!

More Music

More Music

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