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Give a Gig is all about having fun and raising as much money as possible to support life-changing music-making for young people. You’ll raise some of your funds through ticket sales or donations on the door: make sure you budget carefully so you know you can cover your costs!

There are loads of creative ways to boost your fundraising income.

In advance

Run a quiz night
You can organise your own, or download our music-themed quiz. The quiz can be held in your school, office or local pub: just charge an entry fee for people to take part.

Challenge yourself
Raise the profile of your event and make even more money for Youth Music by taking on a sponsored challenge. Dress up like a pop star for the day, talk in music song titles for a week, or hold a 24-hour karaoke marathon.

Spread the word
When you’re promoting your gig via social media, make sure you tell people about why you’ve chosen to Give a Gig and Youth Music’s work. If you have friends who can’t make your gig, let them know they can still give to the cause on the Youth Music website.

At your gig

Sing it from the stage
Your performers will be centre of attention – so they’re best-placed to get the message across while they’re on stage and encourage people to donate. We’ve written a short speech you can use to spread the word:

“Welcome everyone, and thanks so much for coming. This gig is in support of the national charity Youth Music.

Each year, they invest in over 350 projects around the country, giving 75,000 young people the chance to regularly make music. These are young people facing really tough challenges in their lives, like poverty, disability or mental health issues, to give just a few examples.

Youth Music projects help these young people fulfil their potential as musicians, and there are also huge personal and social benefits – which I’m sure you can vouch for if you love music too.

Youth Music’s mission is to make sure every young person has the chance to make music, whoever they are and whatever challenges they face. We’re fully behind that mission, and that’s why we’re taking part in Give a Gig.

Thank you for being part of it too. Please give generously, and with our support, Youth Music can make a genuine difference to thousands more young lives. Have fun and enjoy the gig!”

No money? No problems
We appreciate that people are less likely to carry cash nowadays. But did you know you can also donate on the spot using PayPal? Anyone with the PayPal app for iPhone or Android can simply go to ‘Support a cause’ on the home screen, search for Youth Music and donate. It’s quick, simple and secure.

Hold a raffle
A raffle is a brilliant way to make loads of extra cash for your event. Ask local businesses if they’d like to donate prizes, or take the opportunity to have a clear-out of your music collection. Selling raffle tickets is a great opportunity to explain Youth Music’s work to each member of your audience.

Run the cloakroom
Ask the gig venue if they’ll let you run and take the proceeds from the cloakroom on the night of your event.

Bar takings
Could one of the cocktails or drinks on the night be made into a Give a Gig drink? Ask the venue if you could add an extra pound to the price of food or drink as a donation to Youth Music. Would the venue consider splitting some of the bar takings to support life-changing music-making?