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As CEO of the Music Managers Forum, Annabella runs the world's largest community of Music Managers, with over 500 global business members in the UK and a network of over 2500 in the US and elsewhere. The MMF aims to educate, innovate and advocate for a fairer, more transparent music industry that operates in the interest of artists and their fans.

The organisation supports existing managers’ continuous professional development within the evolving music industry and runs regular events to help educate newer entrants into the music management business.

In 2015, Youth Music was the charity partner for the joint MMF/FAC (Featured Artist Coalition) Awards. Under Annabella’s stewardship, we’re delighted to have the MMFs continuing support for our work, especially in relation to our flagship initiative Give a Gig, which asks managers, artists, promoters and music lovers to raise funds through live music events.

Annabella says: "Some of the very best music Britain has produced has come from young people outside of the system - from punk to grime - kicking back against the mainstream." 

Youth Music has a track record of fostering talent amongst those who might otherwise miss out on the chance to make music. I applaud this work across all music genres to create opportunities for the less advantaged. We wish Youth Music’s Give a Gig initiative every success in raising funds to put back into music-making and hope it will be supported by our industry and music-lovers across the country.